Saturday, 24 November 2007


Thankful tonight for my boy being home again safe and sound having had a wonderful trip away.

Thankful for the beautiful rain that fell during the last day and also for my parents farm also receiving rain.

Thankful for a great day with my family enjoying the shops in Brisbane!

Thankful for the end of another school year - busy as it has been and still is. Thankful that the children have made it through again!!

Thankful that a business deal is going ahead and that our life will hopefully take a slower pace next year.

Thankful to God for the many Blessings he bestows on us daily.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Just a quick hello.......

A quick hello tonight while the beautiful rain falls on my tin roof. I must get to bed quickly so I can listen to it - I just love falling asleep with the rain falling gently.

I have been without my camera all week as my big boy took it with him on his adventure to the islands!!
I thought you might enjoy this beautiful rosebud from Tosari Park last weekend. I am so glad I went with my dear friend and enjoyed the garden together. In amongst my busyness this week it has been quite refreshing to think about that lovely place and how I might utilise some of what I saw in our own garden - I just hope it all grows quickly so I at least don't have to keep looking into the next door yard!!
The year is quickly coming to an end particularly for school - only one week to go. So much to do. I really hope to start putting up some Christmas decorations up on Sunday. It will be our first free day with nowhere to be. For the past fifteen days, our calendar has been full, then for about the next ten days after that it is much more of the same, and then I hope we are free!!
Off to bed now to listen to the rain.........

Sunday, 18 November 2007

One Down....... Two to Go!!

Well, what a week we have had here. We have made it through Graduation Week of our eldest child. So many places to be at in the last five days, I am totally exhausted. Cameron had a great week and it ended with a lovely Graduation ceremony on Friday morning followed by his formal evening. We are so blessed to call this young man our son. We drove him to the Brisbane airport today for him to travel with Scripture Union on a totally drug and alcohol free week to the beautiful Whitsundays.

The "ride" was just perfect for his outfit. My brother fully restored this vehicle for a man he was working for and it was kindly loaned to us for the afternoon. Cameron had a great time cruising around the streets with his Uncle.

In amongst all the busyness of the weekend I squeezed in a visit to the most beautiful Tosari Park which was open for the weekend as part of the Open Garden program. It is the most lovely place to wander around in - so huge.

Well, one down, two to go. Another in four years and then seven years to go for the baby of the family - boy will I be old and worn out by then!!!!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Open Garden Visit

What a lovely afternoon we had this afternoon when we went to visit our friends the owners of Jakob's Lodge garden which was open this weekend as part of the Open Garden Scheme.

It is a lovely garden and beautifully set out to wander through and enjoy the lovely plantings and shady spots . This garden was started during 1997, so is an absolute credit to the owners with it being only 10 years old.

I am so very glad to have taken the time out of a busy weekend to enjoy the beauty of this lovely garden.

Cath Kidston....... in Toowoomba!!

I was making a mad dash through Target last week and something caught my eye. Could it possibly be something Cath Kidston that I had just seen. About face..... I couldn't believe it and it was even new product from her latest catalogue.

At first I thought it was a take off of her name and product and wonder how on earth that would have happened, but sure enough it was for real!!!

Anyway, I was excited, Cath Kidston all round for all the lady teachers in our life!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Need I say more. Any mother who starts their child in dancing must have rocks in their head. It's costumes here this week. Why do I get into this each year?

Rehearsals for the production of Snow White are rolling along and is only three weeks away. Thankfully Alexandra only does Ballet and Tap Dancing. I thought we had "easy" things to make this year - but boy was I wrong. The set of tales above is for tap dancing and what a nightmare they were. There is enough fabric left over, so given the fit and the disaster they were I think I will make them again!!!! The fairy costume was quite easy to do and thankfully is almost finished.

There are something like 700 costumes in the show this year. Glad I only made two!!!