Sunday, 18 October 2009

E & R Success.....

I ended up with a fantastic result from my stall last weekend.  Most people really loved my style and goods.  It was very encouraging.

I have had an offer to sell my goods at a local Gallery, so will hopefully get organised with that soon.

I worked my first Saturday morning in my new job this weekend.  It went well, and made for a very long weekend.  I seemed to achieve heaps.

My desk is finally clear for the first time in a very long time!!  Woe betide anyone who mucks it up!!!
I am almost finally free of the shop office work.  Our tax return is almost done, do then I can pack up everything for good.

I've really achieved heaps this weekend and it feels so good.  I am looking forward to hopefully getting something done in my studio soon.  I am soooooo missing my sewing!!

Alexandra has been away for the last week visiting Canberra on her school trip.  She had a lovely time, but glad to be home I think!!  She had a lovely time this weekend making a little quilt of her own.  Her very first attempt. 

Off to tidy another dumping ground, where all sort of things seem to accumulate and I can't look at it any longer!!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Pittsworth Craft & Fine Food.......

What a fantastic couple of days I've had selling my goods.  Lots of fun.  So many lovely people buying goods from me.  I am so pleased.

I only remembered to take a picture late this morning after I had already sold lots of things. 
It's funny how the things I thought would be really popular haven't sold at all and others have disappeared so quickly.  The Vintage Doiley magnets and the Pushpins have been a great seller but my beautiful gardening aprons haven't sold at all!  Bags are also going really well too!!

My feet are tired!! But, really looking forward to another day tomorrow!!  It would be lovely to sell just a few gardening aprons - so here's hoping!!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Fine Food and Craft.......

What a busy weekend I have had.  Thursday night sees the opening of the Pittsworth Craft and Find Food Spectacular at which I have a stall booked.

The quality of the pics is a bit dodgy, but hopefully you can see what I have been up to.  I love the magnets pictures above.  They are a huge button covered with vintage doiley pieces.  I hope the customers love them too.   I really enjoyed making the "Vintage Pillowcase Dresses" too.  So much fun.  I just wish my Alexandra was little enough to wear one.

These little pushpins too were heaps of fun to make.  I used "Hannah Bella" fabric for them.  On Friday night I had such fun making the packaging for my goods.  I hope they look OK!

I finished stitching at 11 last night.  I had bought fabric to make another 10 "Le Jardin" Gardening Aprons and then got my job.  So the aprons had been on hold.  There are another few things I did have planned, but not sure if they will get done before Thursday or not.  Back to school and a very busy week for everyone.

If you live on the Darling Downs or in Toowoomba  (or further afield) it will be really worth a drive to Pittsworth (about 25 minutes from Toowoomba) this weekend.  The Craft and Fine Food Spectacular is always a great visit and the weekend will see the local garden competition and also an Australian Open Garden as well.   

Best get on with the morning now and get to work. 

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Dust & Flowers.......

What a few weeks of busyness we have had at our place!!  Work is settling into a nice routine.  I'm not as tired and the job itself is quite easy now I have the hang of it all.  I'm not sure about the checking behind people's ears to adjust spectacles though!!!  YUK! 

Our Carnival of Flowers is over for another year.  We won a second place in the Semi Advanced section this year.  Our garden was open for nine days to the public.  Being a little out of the city always means not many people venture our way.  A little disappointing really for all the work that goes into it all.  We won some cash and also a two night holiday at a lovely resort, so that was a lovely surprise.

We still haven't had any rain and the effects are really starting to take hold.  We are reaching desparation point as our tanks are nearly empty.  There is some rain predicted for during the week.  So, here's hoping.

Since my last post we have endured three dust storms.  This was the first, pictured above.  It was horrendous.  Since then we have had another two, not quite as bad but still awful.  The outside is a mess, and of course no water means no cleaning up.  Some people are saying all this dust must mean good rain on the way and the end of the drought.  I hope they are right!!