Monday, 25 August 2008

Happy Birthday.......

My big boy turned 18 today. I really can't believe where the last 18 years have disappeared. I pray that the years to come will be full of success and wonderful times.

Last week he had a job interview with a major bank in our city and he is waiting for their decision. I so hope he gets this job. Cameron has decided to work full time at the moment to further his career in flying. Unfortunately flying is a very costly industry to get into. He has deferred from uni at this time.
I was a very proud Mummy when he came out dressed for his interview!!
Tonight we have had dinner out together for his birthday.
Much love to you Cameron. Happy Birthday!!
Well, I guess that brings to a close birthday month at our house!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

100 little things.......

This week is flying by again. I am home today thankfully, but a thousand things to do as usual. Luckily blogger is playing fairly and the pics uploaded very quickly today.

It's Book Week this week. I was so pleased when I found out that Alexandra's new school celebrated this week. There have been displays of books and a show and yesterday she got to dress up to go to school. They could choose either a book character or the theme "Fuel the Mind".

I guess one plus for ballet and end of year concerts is getting to use your costume again. It made all the hard work worth it!! So she went as Tinkerbell! Her hair was still beautiful from her ballet exam the day before - she must really love it as she has gone to school today with it still done. It was well and truly glued to her head, so won't be going anywhere terribly quickly.
Finally today, my 100 buxus arrived.

I have done the edges of the garden beds along the front pathway and driveway.

The stick in the middle is a standard burgandy iceberg rose that is underplanted with Poppies and White Primula. I finished the beds off with mulch. What a job that was!
I am so looking forward to Spring!

Off to the laundry now and then I hope the sewing room - that's if I can remember where to find it!! It's been so long!!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

This Week........

My baby has had her eleventh birthday. She celebrated with some friends last weekend. Today she dragged me around her favourite shops with birthday money burning a hole in her pocket. I think she enjoyed buying some special things though.

My sweet Mitchell turned 15 this week . He is about to begin learning the bass guitar, so no doubt that will be interesting (and loud) for all of us!

I couldn't wait any longer for my stocks to flower, so I treated myself to a bunch this week. They are just beautiful, I love their perfume!

I had a really enjoyable day this week and had some much needed stitching time with a lovely group of ladies. We had a lovely time at The Quilters Angel at Highfields. It is in a lovely complex with a coffee shop and other delightful shops.

I do however have this beautiful tulip in my garden. I have three pots of them all coming into flower, this being the first one. I havn't grown tulips before. They seem to be doing really well and should put on a delightful display.

On my way down the backstairs this morning (and there are quite a few of them), somehow I miss the last few. Well, I was a crying heap at the bottom - I can tell you!!!

Two skinned knees and a very big bruise coming out on my arm. I can feel my body becoming stiffer and stiffer.

The things we do for a picture for our Blogs!!!! I hope you enjoy this tulip very, very, very much!!

Not much else here other than much pie making at the bakery. Hoping for a more enjoyable week this coming one!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Life........In General

It's been over two weeks I think since my last post. I am not sure where the time has disappeared to. Just generally busy I guess.

Early in that time, this is how Mitchell came home from school one day. I was not a very happy Mummy when I saw this hole in his pants. The story that came with it was one that made me cranky and laugh at the same time!! (Only because Mitchell is a good story teller)!

This is a "Tech Shed" incident. Tech is where the kids learn to make things with timber. This is what happened to Mitchell when another child was being really stupid with an electric drill!!
There was this hole in his pants, a hole in his shirt, several holes in his undies and lets just say broken skin on his rear end!!!! As a result Mitchell was screaming, the teacher was screaming and the kid on the end of the drill thankfully turned the thing off. Joy oh Joy! What fun it must be teaching a room full of 14 and 15 year olds with power tools!!

So I patched it the best I could and of course Mitchell couldn't care less about how it looks. Lucky it's winter and is covered by his jumper most of the time.

The last week or so has been quite cold with some nice days too - it is so nice to think that Spring is only around a month away now. This row of lavendar is looking great. It is one side of our vege garden. I hope it fills in nicely to finish off that side of the garden. We have had a lovely time planting the vege patch this past weekend. Lots of new things like Chinese cabbage, Bok Choy, Rainbow Spinach, Squash and Beetroot along with peas, beans, corn, radish and lettuce. We have left some room to plant some potatoes soon.

Last Monday was one of the coldest Winter days we have had for a long time. It was freezing and raining. Each time a shower came across is rained ice! Some said it was hail and others said sleet. I am not sure which. I would more likely say sleet. It was quite unusual for our part of the world. Two areas, one about an 1 1/2 hour to the north west and another about 2 hours to the south both received a light dusting of snow that day. So when it snows in Queensland - it's most definately cold!

Late in the afternoon, the clouds cleared away and I thought the garden looked really nice. We have had some heavy frosts since then, so the grass is not as green as this now.

These are two of the gifts I sent to the winners of my Anniversay giveaway. The third was a little different, but dummy me had wrapped it before I thought of photos!! I am sure Lisa might show us on her blog when she gets it. Sue and Ineke have already received the ones shown. I hope they enjoy their little gifts as much as I enjoyed making and sending them.
Not too much happening on the stitching front at the moment. I have started the needlepunch from Rosie's book and enjoying that when I can catch a moment for myself.
My little girl is eleven tomorrow and looking forward to having some friends over on Saturday afternoon. I had better get her gifts wrapped now, so we can enjoy birthday in the morning.
I must just say I must have been having another dopey moment before my last blog entry too. It was pointed out to me by my dear friend who often lurks around this blog , that I have shown the wrong quilt - so I am sorry to those two ladies - I must have been off in a different land!! When I get some time to photograph the "Love Is" quilt, I will show it to you then.