Saturday, 31 May 2008

A Quick Hello....

Just a quick hello this morning before I head off for a night away. Hopefully we will be visiting Ikea in Brisbane this morning - so looking forward to that.

A busy week again. I have some bits and pieces I would like to show but we have had a few overcast days and the light is not very good for photo taking!!

Back next week, hopefully with some pics of my latest finds!! Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Tussy Mussy.......

I finally made it into the garden yesterday afternoon - just some weeding the mostly shifting hoses around my very dry garden beds. I still haven't planted the bulbs - so I hope this week I can at least get them in.

I think "survival mode" would be the best way to describe my life at the moment! Busy at work and busy children at the moment - I just so wish to be at home.

I took my secataurs for tour of my garden as the sun was setting last night. I was so pleased to find enough to cut to make this posy. The rose is "Rosette de Lissy" and is just covered at the moment - I love it. The lavendar lines our front path to the door and is just covered at the moment and of course parsley from the vege patch.
I had a little play with some old family photos and our printer - it is quite amazing what it can do.

This is my dear great grandmother - Daisy Elizabeth Whittle Whitehead. From left to right, I have always been told she was about 12 years, about 18 in the middle and as I remember her a dear old lady in her 90's. The glasses belonged to my maternal great grandfather - Thomas Richard Spence.

My dear Nana, Eleanor - the photo on the left when she was a bidesmaid when she was a teenager and then with her two eldest boys my Dad on the right and his brother on the left.

See the flower frogs and the cute little cake pedestal - my latest "thrift" shop finds!! I just love visiting those shops, you never know what you will find.

Well , off for a busy day with children in the Eistedfodd today. Sessions at 12.30, 3.30 and 6.30, so I think that takes up the rest of the day. Mitchell off to camp in the morning as well - hiking and camping in tents for the week - I think he can have that one all to himself!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

With love on Mother's Day......

Tomorrow is my 17th Mother's Day. Amazing!
I am truly blessed with three great children (well, most of the time!!)
My Mother will be having her 41st - Ouch!!!
I am so very blessed to have a wonderful Mother who is the most amazing help to me through all things. She is my friend and my strength throughout my busy, busy life.
Happy Mother's Day Mum!

Wishing all my friends here and from all over this wonderful blogging world
a most
Happy Mothers Day.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Some Favourite Things.....

What a lovely weekend at the beach. The weather was perfect. We walked and walked and sat and read - just delightful. Alexandra even swam in the rockpools. I just sat on the beach and enjoyed doing absolutely nothing.

There was an Antiques and Collectibles Fair on in Caloundra over the weekend. I picked up these lovely little embroidered doileys and this cute little book on making flowers from crepe paper. It was published in 1922. My favourite little piece was this little pocket for keeping your hankerchiefs in. Very sweet.

I even read a whole book - I read many, many magazines ( shhhh, our secret - I think I am addicted) but haven't read a book as such for so long - too long in fact. It's the autobiography of Mary Moody, a lady who the year she is turning 50 decides to run away to France for six months. Maybe it has just filled my head with wild ideas! Enjoyable none the less.

On my way through Brisbane on Thursday evening, I stopped off at a lovely shopping centre that I enjoy visiting when I can, even though it is usually with the whole family in tow!! There are two of my favourite shops there - Wheel and Barrow and also a Borders bookstore. I came across Mary Moody's newest book - The Long Table. It is a lovely combination of more of her life story combined with beautiful recipes. I haven't read too much of it yet, but I am really looking forward to reading it from front to back!!

With the dollar so high at the moment, I am afraid I wasn't able to resist the temptation of an Amazon order. Last week some lovelies arrived including a copy of Vintage Vavoom - a quick look through promises to be another lovely read indeed.

Just so grateful for a lovely little break away and some favourite things to enjoy along with it.

P.S. Just discovered . Her holidays in France look wonderful!! I must have been living under a rock as I haven't heard of this lady before, either that or I haven't watched the ABC television very much!!!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Promise of Spring.....

Look what arrived this week. My bulbs. I will so look forward to planting them in the coming week or so.
Off for a little time at the beach this weekend. I am so looking forward to a change in pace and scenery.
See you all on the other side of the weekend.