Monday, 15 March 2010


After the beautiful rain that we have had in the past weeks the dams that hold the water supply for Brisbane and districts are almost full to capacity, something that hasn't happened since 1991. 

A new pipeline has been built to pump water from Wivenhoe Dam to our dam here near Toowoomba.  Hopefully this will bring much needed water to our dam which is only at 16% at the moment.

Yesterday, we decided to pack a picnic and go for a lovely drive to Somerset Dam and then into the Brisbane Valley to see the Wivenhoe Dam.  We had a lovely day out and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the town of Fernvale.

Water as far as you could see.  Definately a blessing from above.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A Long Two Weeks........

Goodness, two weeks have passed since I was last here on my Blog.  In some ways it has been such a long drawn out time. 

We have received the most beautiful rain the past two weeks.  Our tanks are full and the city water supply has received a very much needed top up.  A long way to go though.  After a week of constant drizzle and overcast days, there seems to be no let up.  Just beautiful.

My house is looking like a "Chinese Laundry" as one of my friends would put it.  Here is Australia we are so used to being able to hang our laundry outside for most of the year, that when a weather pattern like this one happens, it certainly challenges me to keep up with the normal washing.

Alexandra had a week away at school camp, so added into the laundry mess for the weekend was a bag full of stinky wet camp clothes.

The garden is going to go mad when we get a little dry weather and sunshine.  I had recently fertilised the whole yard, so what a wonderful blessing to receive the rainy weather just now.  The roses are just beautiful at the moment with a lovely Aurumn flush of flowers and growth.  Unfortunately with this rain has come some very strong winds.  I was out in the pouring rain one morning last week tying up one of my lovely standard Seduction roses before coming to work.  It was leaning on a most awful angle.  I just hope I can fix it up properly after the rain. 

My Wisteria has finally decided that it is going to grow.  I am going to train it along the fence around the vege patch.  I can't wait until I have a beautiful purple springtime show.

Another little downside to this weather is the visitors I have had to my garden, happily chomping their way through lots of my plants.  A week ago when we had had a little rain, I decided that I would start replanting the vege patch since we now have some water.  Well, the snails (or maybe a hare) have really enjoyed themselves.  A whole punnet of lettuce has disappeared and about six of my ten beans too.  I  hope they enjoyed themselves!!!  Apparently whatever it is, they don't like Basil!!  It is still intact.

All in all a beautiful time of enjoying some lovely rainy weather,  I hope this means a return to some more normal weather patterns.

I have several of these sweet little Autumn Crocus popping up heralding the change in Season.