Wednesday, 31 October 2007

A little progress........

The end of the year is going so quickly. Extra dance rehearsals, choir performances, end of year school functions, dance costume sewing, Christmas!!
Cameron only has 2 weeks and 2 days of school left - oh how old do I feel!!! It will be so good to have it all over and done with. We have his formal clothing all organised and just finalising his "sweet ride" as he puts it. Here, where we live, part of the very "important" parts of arriving to your school formal is the vehicle!!! Oh to be seventeen again!!

The costume sewing is going slowly, mostly because I couldn't find anything to wear to the formal so ended up with fabric and a pattern and my dear Mum came to the rescue.

Just one day at a time here I'm afraid.
The vege garden is slowly taking shape. We went and picked up one load of soil and have planted a few little things - corn, spinach, lettuce and a tomato. Better than nothing I guess. We have had some more rain, so the garden looks lovely and fresh again. I just rang to get 2 1/2 metres of soil delivered, it would take 3 or 4 trips back and forth with the trailer, so this way I just have to shovel!!! Joy !!!

I called into one of my favourite little shops hunting for treasure and found two lovely glass sandwich plates and a lovely little bowl and this dear little piece of embroidery all for $4.25. Bargain!!!

If you've been visiting here for awhile you might remember my lovely stitching day out in September. I started one of the projects that Rosalie Quinlan designed and had fun learning Needlepunch. I finished the needle punch part of it while we were away on our little holiday. I finally finished my cute little bag. I think it turned out quite well. I think I will try to make the little needlecase that goes with it.

I had better leave it there today and get on with some work in the office - hopefully it will be a little easier on my eyes now - gathered courage last week and had my eyes tested - you can guess the rest!!!! Old age I tell you!!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


I have been so blessed to have my dear old Grandma and Nana for so much of my life. I was also blessed to have a dear, dear Great Grandma for the first eight or so years of my life.

Daisy Elizabeth Whittle Whitehead (nee Cocks).

Granny was the mother of my dear Nana, Eleanor. She was the sweetest old lady and lived until she was around ninety three years old. She used to spend her time living between the homes of her three daughters, so for a third of each year she lived across the road from our home. I can remember being so excited when Granny came back to Nana's. She would sometimes bring us a little gift and I can remember getting a little box of lovely hankerchiefs once. I took one out and started to use it, but I must have decided I wanted it back in that lovely little box, because they are all still in there today!!

Granny always had a little bottle of sweets too! Usually pink musks - my favourite still today.

But, my favourite memory and one of my most treasured posessions is my Crochet blanket. Beautiful pure wool, in gorgeous colours. I have had it for as long as I remember. It was always folded neatly in a triangle on the end of my bed all of my growing up years. It now is in my sewing room on the day bed and in the cooler months, if I have time to spend , I snuggle under it and remember my dear Granny.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Cupcakes Anyone........

Just another little bit of photo fun this morning. I love my tiered cupcake stand and thought I would have a little bit of flower fun with it today. I bought the little cupcake containers and instead of baking in them I gathered some little flowers from the garden and filled them up.

I guess I had better get into the rest of my day now , of course with the change of season the childrens' clothing all needs attending to so while I have a free few spare minutes I had better get to it.
I hope you enjoyed the cupcakes.........

Friday, 12 October 2007

A treasured visit........

I am so fortunate to see my Mum and Dad all the time but it is never at their home. I am so busy all the time that I never seem to get to go out to their property which is only about half an hour drive from where I live. But, today I did and so enjoyed it. I took these pictures this morning in their lovely yard. What a struggle it is for them to garden in black clay soil with a salty bore for water. Mum thought it was a little past its spring best but I thought it was still lovely.
The old bits and pieces in the big picture above all came from the falling down dairy where my dear Poppy milked the house cow every morning for many, many years. It is so nice to have these things with us even if they are old and rusty. I just love the reminders of the beautiful man that he was.

One of the main purposes of my visit was to also help Mum cut out her very first quilting project. We have had the fabric for ages so it was lovely to get it all out and finally start cutting. The pattern is Rebecca Amy by Rosalie Quinlan, so hopefully simple enough for Mum to start on.
Yesterday while I was out and about I stopped by one of my favourite "thrifting" haunts and look what I came out with.

Treasure for sure!!

I got the four embroidered hand towel all in a bag for $2 - bargain. I love the pink and the green of the hand towels. The beautiful rose covered box is an absolute gem that I just love, I have a few of these little boxes and love to store bits and pieces in them in my sewing room. They look beautiful on the shelving in there. I love the white milk glass piece too. I have a few vases and a little milk jug, so another lovely piece to add to my collection.

It is so nice to be out and about a little the last couple of days, especially if there is treasure to be found!!

Monday, 8 October 2007

Some Pretties......

Just a little experiment this evening - something pretty to look at.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

I'm Back.......

Well, where to begin. A whirlwind time with sadness intertwined certainly makes for a hectic time leaving me once again exhausted and needing to return to routine and organisation.

Our trip to Hervey Bay went well and was a lovely rest. We ventured out to see the whales in the most awful weather. The wind was blowing from the North and therefore what would be normally a dead flat sea had waves from 1.5m - 2 metres!! We are certainly not seafaring people, so it made for an interesting day. The boat had over 100 people on board and many were quite ill all day. We all felt ill but only the two youngest were actually sick -YUK. I think the most amusing thing was the foil lined "hot chicken" type bags were what was provided for being sick!!!

But did we see Whales? Yes we did and it absolutely made up for the trip and the sickness. It was about an 1 3/4 hour trip out in the ocean to where the whales play, the boat went to a few different spots and not much was happening. Then, right towards the end of the morning we approached some whales, the motor was cut and then the most spectacular thing happened. Two adult whales and a baby, only very young approached the boat and swam around and around it for almost 3/4 of an hour. The captain of the boat was wonderful and stayed out there almost 20 minutes longer than we should have so we could enjoy the spectacle.

I was really moved by the wonder of God's creation of these beautiful creatures.

The pier at Hervey Bay is a lovely landmark and worth a late afternoon walk to the end.

Our time away was also filled with sadness as BJ's dear old Nana passed away at the wonderful age of Ninety-Five. She was alert until the end but her health had very quickly deteriorated, so was a blessing for her not to suffer. We loved her dearly and will miss her greatly. We have been so blessed to have our dear Nanas for so long it will take a very long time to get used to not having them around us.

Just a little of my garden to finish today, I hope you have stuck with me through my ramblings today. It was lovely to come home to some new things happening in the garden. My delphiniums have started to flower and my lovely Pierre de Ronsard climbing roses have started to bloom. Not much climbing happening yet, but lovely just the same. My clematis also has a lovely bloom too!

It's good to be home and enjoying my garden and home. This last term of school will surely fly by and another year will be gone. What a year it has been!