Saturday, 6 October 2007

I'm Back.......

Well, where to begin. A whirlwind time with sadness intertwined certainly makes for a hectic time leaving me once again exhausted and needing to return to routine and organisation.

Our trip to Hervey Bay went well and was a lovely rest. We ventured out to see the whales in the most awful weather. The wind was blowing from the North and therefore what would be normally a dead flat sea had waves from 1.5m - 2 metres!! We are certainly not seafaring people, so it made for an interesting day. The boat had over 100 people on board and many were quite ill all day. We all felt ill but only the two youngest were actually sick -YUK. I think the most amusing thing was the foil lined "hot chicken" type bags were what was provided for being sick!!!

But did we see Whales? Yes we did and it absolutely made up for the trip and the sickness. It was about an 1 3/4 hour trip out in the ocean to where the whales play, the boat went to a few different spots and not much was happening. Then, right towards the end of the morning we approached some whales, the motor was cut and then the most spectacular thing happened. Two adult whales and a baby, only very young approached the boat and swam around and around it for almost 3/4 of an hour. The captain of the boat was wonderful and stayed out there almost 20 minutes longer than we should have so we could enjoy the spectacle.

I was really moved by the wonder of God's creation of these beautiful creatures.

The pier at Hervey Bay is a lovely landmark and worth a late afternoon walk to the end.

Our time away was also filled with sadness as BJ's dear old Nana passed away at the wonderful age of Ninety-Five. She was alert until the end but her health had very quickly deteriorated, so was a blessing for her not to suffer. We loved her dearly and will miss her greatly. We have been so blessed to have our dear Nanas for so long it will take a very long time to get used to not having them around us.

Just a little of my garden to finish today, I hope you have stuck with me through my ramblings today. It was lovely to come home to some new things happening in the garden. My delphiniums have started to flower and my lovely Pierre de Ronsard climbing roses have started to bloom. Not much climbing happening yet, but lovely just the same. My clematis also has a lovely bloom too!

It's good to be home and enjoying my garden and home. This last term of school will surely fly by and another year will be gone. What a year it has been!


de vliegende koe said...

Good to see you are back! Thank you for sharing so much beauty from another part of the world. I would love to see the whales swim in the ocean. Sadly enough sometimes a whale is found on the beaches of our coast. They have got lost and never survive. It’s the sight of a whale that makes you realize the impressiveness of nature and us having to preserve it. Sorry to hear about the loss of BJ’s Nanna. I still miss mine, though she is not around us anymore for 24 years now.

Leanne said...

Hey Leisa,
Glad you had a nice holiday the whales are amazing. To think they swim past us down here in South Aust then up to you in Qld. We are luck here you can see them from the land so no sea sickness. I am truly impressed with that Clemitas I have tried several time to grow one with no luck. Sorry to hear of your loss my thoughts are with you.

Di said...

Sounds like the whale watching was amazing - though I am not sure that the sea would have been good for me! I am also glad that your nana didn't suffer - it sounds like she had a good life!!

Angela Louise said...

Hi Leisa, what good photos. We haven't been to se the whales yet so it is good to join in your fun. I fear that I would've gotten sick too! Let's hope nobody mixes those hot chook bags up with a real one!A nasty surprise I'm sure!!
I too have a clematis flowering but would you believe it,it is the same clematis that had disappeared for three years...I thought I had lost it but it's the best it's ever done.
If only we could always keep our grandmas. They are such beautiful people.
Have a great week, Angela.