Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Progress Update.......

The vege/herb/cutting garden continues to progress, just too exciting. My dear Daddy came yesterday and this morning and built my fence around the new garden. I love being an only daughter! I don't think BJ likes the fence very much - but I think as usual the poor fellow just can't see the bigger picture!!!!

I'm sure the neighbours might be wondering when the poddy calves might be arriving! Oh well, too bad, I like it! The old gate and fence pieces came from a farm auction of a family I have known forever so I love having them and will think of those dear people often. I also got the old cart at the same auction. I just love the thrill of an auction, by the time I had finished bidding on these two lots I think I was almost exploding. I even had to go back into town to get some more cash to pay for my haul, the funny thing was being a small town the news of my purchases had beaten me back to town - BJ had even had people asking did he know what I was doing!!??!! Of course being the good wife that I am I had already broken the news to him!

I think my little garden gate will look lovely surrounded by lavender.

My stitching day was a lovely day away. We had such a nice time. I was so pleased to be able to spend a little time with Rosie and loved the projects she shared with us on the day. I chose to get started on a little needlepunch project, so that was lovely to learn something new as well. We were treated to a lovely lunch - very yummy. The patterns were all very different and only a couple of them were things I would usually choose to make so that was a little disappointing.

I took my newly completed "Love Is" quilt to show Rosie. This was her new quilt out the first time I met her, silly me though, I had taken a little piece of fabric with great plans to get her to write a little message for me to stitch onto the back of the quilt and in all the excitement forgot. It was a treat to see her new quilt too, I think I might have to give that one a go when the pattern comes out.
Oh no - now you've all seen me!!!!!!

I think stitching in a tent with over 100 others was a little too much for me - maybe I am just too fussy. I did enjoy the company of my friends and the other ladies we met as well.

Our family is off tomorrow on a little time away, we are all looking forward to the beach again. We are travelling to Hervey Bay and are really looking forward to going on a Whale Watch tour. At this time of the year the whales are migrating and come in close to this area. We have always said we would do this and now with our big boy nearly finished school we thought we had better fit it in while we are all still holidaying together. Better get some bags packed or we won't be going anywhere!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Progress and a new Spring Handbag

I finished the new handbag and what a task that was. I think it was the most complicated bag I have ever made, but worthwhile I think. I will give it a "test run" this weekend and see how it goes. It feels quite big to carry but I am sooooooo happy with how it all came together.

Well only three sleeps until the Stitchers Dream Day Out and I can't wait. Hopefully the day will be lovely. I am sure it will be. I have gathered all my threads together and am so looking forward to our surprise projects. Rosalie Quinlan, Natalie Bird, Leanne May and Lynette Anderson will be there, so we should be in for a real treat.

The new garden project is coming along nicely, I have to wait patiently now for my dear Dad to bring all the fencing/gate panels in from the farm so we can figure out the next part and then we will work out the little garden beds. Can't wait!!

Thursday, 13 September 2007


This week has been a long and sad one for me. A lovely lady, a friend from school and the dance studio passed away on Sunday. She had been diagnosed with cancer just a very short nine weeks ago. A wife and mother to three beautiful teenage girls, who lived every minute of her life for her family.

Sadness and disbelief comes in waves over me and I feel that I have no answers. I pray God will be with her family in the days and weeks to come and that they will know His strength and comfort.

Tomorrow we will say goodbye to her. Forty-six years young. Just too much to comprehend!

In Memory of Kerry

Saturday, 8 September 2007

My Delicious Dessert........

My sweet husband made dessert for us tonight!! Yum, it was delicious.

These yummy waffles certainly hit the spot after a very busy week. Camerons' QCS tests and a busy week for Alexandra with school musical final rehearsals and two performances and then her tap dancing exam today.

I had a lovely afternoon in the garden, just pulling weeds and turning over the soil before I put some more mulch on tomorrow. The new vege/herb patch is taking shape and the man will be back early next week to do the finishing touches. Can't wait!

So nice just enjoying being at home this afternoon.

I must say though, the pic above is not the serve I consumed - I only had half that amount - BJ enjoyed the one above!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Two new projects......

Very excited to be working on two new projects at the moment - one stitching and the other in the garden.

I gathered the fabrics together quite awhile ago to make this cute bag. It is coming together quite well so far. Hopefully it will be a lovely new bag to use during the coming Spring days.

The next project in the garden began today. As we built our house on stumps (posts) due to the land being on the side of a hill we don't have any "flat" places as such. Down towards the back of the block near where Scoot and the Henny Pennies live we decided to have another spot cut and retained. This is to become the Vege/Herb and cutting garden!! Well, that's the plan!! I am sure we will be able to make it look really lovely.

So, the man with his "bobcat" came and dug the holes and got started today. Quite awhile ago I purchased a pile of old fencing/gate pieces at a farm auction. (Much to the dismay of my Father who had to take them home to his place while we built the house!) The plan is to fence around the edge of this levelled area and install another find of mine, an old garden gate (of course the men of the family continue to shake their heads!) Wisteria is planned to grow on this little fence. I also have an old set of cement laundry tubs in this area - I am not sure what to grow in them yet. I have seen roses in tubs but maybe some herbs might be nice. I have wanted to grow herbs ever since I was a teenager and have never really had a suitable spot to do so. Maybe here is my chance.

Further to the plan is boxed raised beds with gravel paths in between. Mitchell is quite interested in growing veges too, so hopefully he will also enjoy the process of putting this all together.

It is so exciting to have some more new projects on the go.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

It's Spring... and another birthday!

I just love seeing all the blossom trees in flower. I don't have this beauty in my garden (I stole them!) sort of!! There is a tree near our business, so hopefully I'm not in trouble!!!!

Over another week has disappeared and here we are in September - unbelieveable. We've had our last August birthday too. Cameron is now seventeen. He has his learners permit and today and tomorrow sits his QCS tests. He has so many decisions to make in the next few weeks - all a bit much. I just pray he achieves his dreams in life and that he is always safe and well.
I am a bit of a magazine junkie and love English and American magazines!! I have always admired bulbs growing and teacups and lovely containers and always wanted to do it. I inquired at some nurseries here and no one could help, one lady even told me she thought those sorts of photos were just set ups!! Then along came the lovely Angela to the rescue. She is so clever this lady. I saw on her beautiful blog Chelsea Blue Whispers that she was doing exactly what I had wanted to for quite a while. She pointed me in the right direction and hopefully I will have some beautiful hyacinths soon. Pop on over to her blog and have a peek. Here is one of my attempts, I have done two teacups as well. So far, so good!!

Well I hope Spring is here to stay. I am really enjoying getting into the garden after the lovely rain we had. There are flowers and new growth and the lawn is green. We planted fifty Photinia Red Robin around the back fenceline so that will be a lovely screen when it grows - just patience is the key now as it all establishes.
I am really looking forward to the school holidays in a couple of weeks, it will be nice to take a break again from the routine. In the meantime, hopefully I can blog more regularly.