Thursday, 13 September 2007


This week has been a long and sad one for me. A lovely lady, a friend from school and the dance studio passed away on Sunday. She had been diagnosed with cancer just a very short nine weeks ago. A wife and mother to three beautiful teenage girls, who lived every minute of her life for her family.

Sadness and disbelief comes in waves over me and I feel that I have no answers. I pray God will be with her family in the days and weeks to come and that they will know His strength and comfort.

Tomorrow we will say goodbye to her. Forty-six years young. Just too much to comprehend!

In Memory of Kerry


Leanne said...

My thoughts are with you Leisa. It makes us realize life is short and to make the most of what we have. To hug our families every single day. Your photo is really beautiful.

de vliegende koe said...

Dear Leisa, I’m so sorry. I hope Kelly’s family will find the strenght to live with this loss. I wish you a lot of strenght too. We indeed should live our lives enjoying every day.

Angela Louise said...

Dear Leisa, life is such a precious thing....I am so sad for the loss of your friend and I have been thinking of her dear children since I read your post. What a hard thing to come to terms with.
When John's dad passed away we planted an English Oak tree in memory of him.It sort of represented his character...a typical englishman...strong, gentle and calm. Whenever I see it I think of him.You could maybe plant something beautiful in your garden for your friend....?