Saturday, 20 February 2010

Treasure Today.........

An early start today with Mitchell at work by 6 a.m.  I decided to stay in town awhile to catch a 'Jumble Sale' at a church at 7 a.m.

A big down in the city centre, old church, where the congregation would be mostly oldies - Treasure to be had for sure.

I sat outside reading the paper in my car and at 6.40 a.m. I wandered on in.

Oh My Goodness!  I was late!! 

They were working in pairs! Pros! 

Oh my!  I thought I knew the ropes!

My heart was beating so fast by this stage.  Where to start, what to look at first!!

And, then I spied this!

What a beaty, in a little lock up case of her own!

$12 and she is all mine!

I should have grabbed a box at the door, like the ones in the know had! 

I also got a lovely Rosie tin and a lovely little sandwich tray. 

I was holding off because I also had plans to go to an Antique & Collectible show today as well, unfortunately I didn't make it there, so hopefully tomorrow I will get over there, maybe there will be some treasure left for me then.

Most unwell at the moment and couldn't muster the energy to do another thing today.

But, I must say, I am pleased with this little beauty!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Celebration Week........

A very busy but fun week.  I celebrated another birthday this week. Lunch with my Mum the day before my birthday and then  I had the most lovely lunch with two very dear friends who spoilt me rotten on the day of my birthday. 

My very sweet Cameron surprised me at work with beautiful flowers and a Willow Tree "Angel of Caring".

A beautiful Pandora charm and the lovely book French Essence from my dear friends.

Yesterday, I spent a lovely few hours over lunch with another special friend. 
Beautiful flowers and some Michael Buble - spoilt indeed!

Just look at these gorgeous flowers.  A very sweet girl grew these in her very own cutting garden.  Thank you Elizabeth.  They are beautiful.

Today, BJ and I celebrate our 23rd Wedding Anniversay.  Cake and coffee downtown after Church and then a lovely day spent in our garden.  Everything is looking lovely again afer the beautiful rain last week.  There is more forecast for the next few days.  It will be just perfect if we receive it. 

I enjoyed hours in the garden yesterday as well, planting out some new little bits and pieces. Lots of spaces to fill after losing some plants while it was so dry before Christmas.  I really enjoy gardening at this time of the year.  Nearly Autumn.  Beautiful.

So my birthday and the anniversary are all done and dusted for another year!! I really do dislike that.  I think I would prefer to spread the celebrations out a little more throughout the year. It makes for a good week though, especially when my special friends take such good care of me!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Lovely Lunch

Earlier in the week a chance meeting made my week just so much more bearable.  I had wandered down town to my favourite cafe/bookstore to have a sandwich for lunch when I met up with a lovely lady from the small town where I lived before. 

I have so missed my visits to Di's beautiful Gallery space and the lovely chats we would have about gardens and art and travel and beautiful books. 

Di is a Watercolour Artist and a Photographer and her work is beautiful.  She is the lovliest lady.  We chatted over lunch and I had the most enoyable time catching up with her.  A kindred spirit indeed. 

Oh how I miss being with lovely people on a regular basis.  My heart breaks and sadness overcomes me so much of the time.  I think my being so very tired so very often has a lot to do with it and maybe the depressing thought of another birthday looming could be another!!