Wednesday, 28 December 2011


These Polk-A-Dots have been making me happy.

So happy, that I am going to keep them up until at least February. I have decided.

Put up for Christmas, I just love them.

The paper balls I have had for quite a few years now, and I just love getting them out.  I have left them up for more than Christmas before - at least until my birthday in February.  We are planning another little event in February 2012 and red polk-a-dots will fit in beautifully with that as well.

The paper chain is new this year.  I had looked longingly during Christmas shopping last year - but was a little overpriced - but come the January sales - the price was just right - so I bought several!!

Making me even happier, are some new mugs - more beautiful polk-a-dots in red.  Love, love, love......

I bought four mugs - and I smile each time I open the cupboard to make a cuppa! 

Polk-A-Dot mug on a Polk-A-Dot stool - happiness complete!

It doesn't take much!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

End of Year Harvest.........

Where to begin with the happenings of the past weeks.  I haven't updated here for weeks - school finished, dance concert over for another (the 10th) year and Christmas has been and gone.

I am now on a 10 day break from work - less than a week left now unfortunately. 

 Christmas was a lovely time shared with family.  It went on for a week!  Busy but lovely - tired now!  I am so enjoying my time at home.  Not achieving anything really - but lovely nonetheless. 

Today I felt as though I am starting to surface - but not enough to have achieved any more than the drudgery of catching up and doing housework - I long for some time for me.

Today I spent a little time picking some lovely veges from my Potager - I then prepared them for the freezer.  So lovely to have some home grown back in the freezer.  My lovely trug was a gift from my Mum & Dad - I don't think anyone "got" it at all - too bad - I love it!

I cut our Christmas cake for morning tea- it was very enjoyable!

The year is almost at an end - I almost feel as though I need to do a catch up post to document some very important family occasions this year - maybe I will get that done in the next few days.

I hope my friends have all enjoyed a lovely Christmas time. 

I'm hoping for a much more enjoyable 2012 - but I somehow don't see it happening!