Sunday, 6 March 2011

Gardens of Warwick..........

I had been planning for a month to go to see the Open Gardens in Warwick this weekend.  As the week went by it seemed uncertain.  And still so yesterday morning.  That was until I heard on the radio just how wonderful they were.  I had to go!

First on the list was the lovely 'Haddington'.  A lovely old property with a beautiful sprawling garden.  We were also invited to walk along the verandah and peek into the rooms!  The garden was lovely and obviously still a work in progress.

Next on the list was 'Merrilees'.  Another magnificent old home with the most beautiful iron work on the verandah.  This garden too was lovely.  This home featured the most beautifully wide verandah I have ever been on! 

Up the stairs and on the verandah was a lovely lady selling her wares.  Susan Volz of Our Kitchen Garden was up from Brisbane.  Her story is one that I could relate to.  Unable to find the things of her dreams that she had seen in magazines for years, she and her family set to and now makes them!  Just beautiful.  Kicking myself that I didn't make a purchase or two - why do I always to that!!  Oh well an excuse to visit Brisbane I guess!!

This little view at the rear of the garage - stunning!

'The Laurels' was my favourite I think.  This garden is owned by landscaper Clint Kenny.  It is perfection from front to back - so many ideas. 

I loved the set up of the vege patch - very much my style!  This picture is a little ordinary, but the rain had started and I was juggling camera and umbrella!

Be still my beating heart - A wash basin in the vege patch - I have the basin in my garage and I just need to get it organised in my own vege patch. 

This garden is all relatively new, except of course for the magnificent original trees.  Oh to have some big trees.

The Woodland Walk along the western boundary of the home is stunning, lined with Tropical Birch trees.

The little dam is at the back of the property. 
What a lovely spot this must be to sit awhile!

And this, is where the chickens live - Buff Orpingtons and the most beautiful Wyandott's I have ever seen!

The Garden Tool Shop is also part of Clint's business - once again - beautiful tools and garden bits and pieces. 

I really could have gone again today, I enjoyed it all so much.  I hope they are open again some time.  It was just a lovely day out.  Time to forget about my everyday ordinary life and enjoy the beautiful Southern Downs area.  I just love it down that way. 

It was so lovely to be inspired by these gardens and by the people who obviously love their garden they way I love mine!