Tuesday, 30 June 2009


One week of the holidays gone already. The children had their dentist and optometrist appointments, so good to have that over and finished for another little while. Very expensive day out. Both children needed new glasses but thankfully only a check and a clean at the dentist. $1000 gone like that - so much for private cover - glad to get a little back, even if it is only about 30%!!!!

Alexandra has her Winter Ballet School for the next three afternoons. The ballet school has a visiting teacher and gives the girls just a little extra preparation for the upcoming exam.

Last Friday night, I whipped up a new bag for myself. I just love the Urban Chiks fabrics in this one. They are very Swell...... I am loving their new range too - Sweet. This is made with the Melly and Me pattern Sherbet. I did change the handles as the first time I used this pattern I didn't really enjoy doing the handles as suggested.

I have been having fun making large covered buttons for some other projects I have on the go at the moment. I think this big button really sets the bag off.
I have been setting up an Etsy store - now just to get some items in there to sell. Fun....
Off to the sewing room for awhile now. Some more fabricy fun.......

Friday, 19 June 2009

Little Pincushions......

Finally a little project finished. It seems as though these little pincushions have been on the go for weeks. This was Leanne Beasley's project in the Pincushion of the Month. Very sweet indeed. I really enjoyed the lovely embroidery of this project.
Can you see the little tags I have popped on them. I now have official 'Eleanor and Ruby' tags. Very exciting indeed. Now I just have to make 100 things to put them on!!
We have now officially joined the ranks of the unemployed and looking for work. Scary!! Brendon has a couple of offers he is considering and actually has had a today back down at the bakery!! Not quite three weeks and they weren't coping terribly well!!
I am applying for administration positions. An interesting experience after so long being self employed. I applied for two government positions today that required seven hundred word submissions addressing the key criteria!! That got the brain into gear. I wonder if I will get an interview? I had an interview a few weeks ago and was one of 150 applicants.
I think I had better enjoy a little crafting while I can. I think a new routine of a paid position will take a little adjusting to (by all of us)!!
Looking forward to the weekend and hopefully some rain!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Grandma's Girls......

What fun I had on Sunday afternoon. My cousin Amanda and I had both been thinking similar thoughts and mentioned to each other one day how we would love to get our cousins and Aunts together.... Grandma's Girls.

Left to Right: Lauren, Amanda, Kylie, Sandra and Me.....
Amanda gathered all the addresses and sent the most beautiful invitations to everyone.
Daughters, Daughters-In-Law, Grandaughters and Great-Grandaughters.
There was only one Grandaughter missing. It was lovely catching up with my cousins. I spent so much time with them growing up. I was one of Sandra's bridesmaids at her Wedding almost 25 years ago. Lauren was my Flower Girl and Amanda my Junior Maid - 22 years ago!!
Amanda and Lauren and their brother Symon spent a lot of holidays at our farm. What fun we used to have. They have memories so long and constantly amuse me with the things they remember through a childs eye.
Sandra, Kylie and their sister Robyn grew up on the same farm as Grandad and Grandma. We used to go there every Sunday after church. I think most of my clothes and shoes had been worn by Robyn and Sandra first and then they went back to Kylie.
It was sad Robyn was snowed under with work and couldn't be here with us.
Everyone brought some afternoon tea to share. I made the little cupcakes. I was so pleased with how they turned out.
Amanda made these very cute little 'tea cups" - very sweet and easy to make.
Pop on over to her blog to see how it is done.

It really was a lovely day. So nice to catch up in happy circumstances instead of sad ones like the last couple of times we were all together.
I don't get together with family nearly enough. It is just a matter of making the time. I hope I can do this more often.

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Just a quick hello. We have just had a lovely five nights away in Noosa.
Just us!
No children!
(Thank you Grandma and Grandad)
The weather was so beautiful. Hard to believe that it is just a 3 1/2 hour drive from where we are. Freezing winter weather here and lovely warm days at the beach.
We enjoyed walks, time on the beach and generally being very lazy.
Home to winter again, although it was a beautiful day today.
Before we went away, we planted over 400 bulbs out. Spring should be spectacular.
Lots of cleaning and organising today ready for a special day tomorrow.
Life is good.