Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Darwin Visit...

We ventured to Darwin for Easter to visit Cameron.  It was hot, hot, hot and rainy - but lovely to visit our boy.  Up on Thursday night and home first thing Monday - a flying visit!
We went to visit some very large crocodiles while we were there - glad they were behind glass - I never want to encounter them any other way.  You can swim in a perspex cage with them - I don't think I would bother - yuck - just think about it!
Creatures along the way included water buffalo - we even saw a dingo on the side of the road.
On Easter Saturday we took a drive out to Litchfield National  Park.  It was lovely - driving south from Darwin is quite a lovely drive - it was far different from what I had imagined. 
The waterhole above had a beautiful waterfall into it - Brendon and Cameron had a swim.
Cameron had visited out here just a few weeks after he had moved to Darwin - which was at the very beginning of the wet season.  He couldn't believe the difference in the water levels at the end of the wet season.  The waterfall above was the one which Cameron had swum at on his previous visit - the water was far to high this time.
I think the picture below is quite a good indication of the vastness of this country we live in.  It was amazing. 
I am so glad this different place has opened up to our family - it is certainly one I have never imagined we would find.