Sunday, 25 July 2010

Foxglove Spires

This beautiful garden is worth every minute of time spent there.  I so enjoyed my visit and hope that I will visit again in the springtime, hopefully, with more time and definitely more money!!!

The potting shed was delightful.  The bottom Right hand picture looks through to the beautiful glass conservatory built from recycled windows.  This is as close as you get - I so wanted to jump the rope and get closer!

In the Pear Circle

The Manchurian Pear arch must be stunning in Spring!  I so love my one tree, imagine having this beautiful arbour.  The house is delightful.  I really wanted to peek in the windows!!  The pond area is also delightful.  I could imagine sitting down there on a hot afternoon with a lovely cool drink.

I will treasure my memories of the time spent at Foxglove Spires and dream of the day when I can return again,

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Our Roadtrip.........

Over the school holidays we have had a lovely roadtrip.  4000 kilometres in total.  It was a full trip with lots of lovely places and things to do.  We headed south into New South Wales.  Our first two nights were at the very lovely Mantra at Salt Beach.  This was our wonderful prize from our Carnival Garden last year.  We would have never afforded to stay there, so it was certainly extra special.  We were right on the beach front and watched the whales migrating from the window.  Such special creatures.

We ventured off the highway near Tamworth. When we saw the sign to Nundle I announced to all that there was a quilt shop there!!! Such a lovely spot to have such a lovely shop! Nundle is certainly very lovely and I would like to go there again and spend more time. Also in town is a sweet shop called Odgers & McClelland which sells the most delightful homewares. It had a wood stove burning in the middle of the store - so cosy on a very cold day.

Further south still and Bathurst was a morning tea stop over.  It was freezing - 3 degrees at morning tea and I'd hate to think what the wind chill was.  We were not brave enough to picnic in the park and use the public amenities so we headed to a shopping centre.  Of course, Bathurst is home to the wonderful Hatched and Patched.  What a treat that was.  Alexandra and I had the most lovely time there while the boys went out to Mount Panorama and pretended to be race car drivers.  I think everyone's idea of Bathurst was definately satisfied.

This was a holiday on a budget and my birthday money that I had saved all year was all but gone in Bathurst!

Further south still and into the State of Victoria is Beechworth, a wonderful historic town full of beautiful shops and cafes.  We spent the whole weekend here and had a most lovely time.

We had Sunday lunch on the verandah of the Beechworth Bakery and enjoyed the live jazz band.  Great fun!

From here we headed over the mountains and into the snow.  The kids (big and little) had a wonderful time playing in the snow.  We didn't have proper clothing, so when everyone's gloves were wet and they had snow in their ears and down the back of their clothes, they had, had enough!!  It was fun though. 

At that point we headed east to the coast and then turned for home.

Being the scheming traveller that I am, Foxglove Spires was also on the list of places to visit (I was driving at that point, so they had no option but to stop because I had the keys!!).  I really don't know where to start.  It was the most enjoyable and beautiful place to visit.  I so want to go back in the Spring.  Even though it was in the height of winter, with all the trees bare, it was still stunning.  I am so glad Brendon agreed to go through the garden, because he enjoyed it too.  Such an inspiration.

The cafe looked beautiful and the little shops were just stunning.  I so wish I had a full wallet and an empty car at Foxglove Spires.  This is one place that I hope to to back to one day.  I have a feeling there will have to be another post about this beautiful garden.

So homeward bound and further north we headed into the Southern Highlands,  Berry with its beautiful shops, especially "Sew and Tell" - stunning (no website) and then onto Bowral - once again, no money and a full car (although I did manage a couple of little bits).  I will definately venture there again sometime as there is so much to see and do. 

A lovely trip all in all............

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

On a Roadtrip.......

I have been on a roadtrip with my family for the past week.  We have had a great time so far.  Down through NSW, the snow yesterday and the highlight for me so far today, Foxglove Spires.

Just touching base for a moment - no pics - a detailed report later!!