Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Giveaway....

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It's a divine Cath Kidston set of bathroom yummies - beautiful.

Friday, 23 January 2009

A Lovely Holiday

What a lovely holiday I have had. I've been home a week already!
Lovely lazy days for two weeks. I had such a wonderful time.
Our unit was really great. Just across the road to the beach and the shops about a ten minute walk. The local library was just up the road too, with free membership to holiday makers. It was nice to have a look at some gardening and cooking books.

We mostly cooked easy meals while we were away. The fish and chips seemed a little ordinary this year. Apparently the local fishing hadn't been very good and a lot of the seafood had been frozen.
A little treat one afternoon though, beautiful coffee and churros!! It was delicious.

We have both been so tired with all the end of year and Christmas busyness, so the first week or so of our holiday was I think recovery mode!!
We didn't venture too far from the beach and pool - but then again there wasn't any real need to anyway.
We did go on a couple of drives though. We visited the most beautiful seaside town of Noosa. It is just a lovely place to be. It is very expensive though, so a lovely walk in the main shopping area and an icecream on the beach.
I was very spoiled that day and bought another bead for my Pandora - the little shell with a gold starfish on it. A lovely momento of our day out.

That same day we visited the very large and quite enjoyable Eumundi Markets. This sleepy little town comes alive two days per week. We hadn't been for a few years so it was lovely to see such different stalls. A lot of it is very commercial, but in a holiday setting it was nice to look at things I wouldn't normally see at the shops.

On another day we drove up into the hinterland behind the Sunshine Coast. We took a picnic and enjoyed our time exploring Montville. I was a little disappointed with a lot of the shops, but found a really beautiful shop Ruby & Rose Interiors. Her stock was just delightful, including some beautiful Greengate. I spoiled myself this time!! I just couldn't help it. I still have my parcel all wrapped up - I am saving it for a quiet moment with the children are back at school!!

I spent a lot of time just sitting and reading my backlog of magazines and also some stitching. I found it hard to concentrate early in the holiday, so didn't achieve as much as I had hoped. I am really determined to finish the stitcheries for "A Gardeners Journal" as I have been working on it for so long. Not far to go now though.

The last week has been a busy time with getting the children ready to go back to school. At least it was only shoes and books, thankfully their clothing all still fits - at the moment!! Tuesday cannot come quickly enough - it's a very long time since the last week of November!!

Mitchell also had to have a tooth extracted this week which turned into quite an ordeal. He has been feeling really unwell, so hopefully he will pick up over the weekend ready for school.

This weekend sees us celebrate Australia Day here - sometimes I don't know if I particularly like the fact that James Cook discovered this land way down here at the bottom of the earth!! LOL!!! What could those free settlers possibly have been thinking coming all the way down here!!!

I am looking forward to the year ahead and hopefully many changes and happenings which will free my time up quite a bit. The garden and lots of cupboards need an overhaul and hopefully also some wonderful time will be available for sewing.

A holiday is lovely, but it is also so nice to come home refreshed and ready to start a new year.

Friday, 2 January 2009

A New Year Holiday....

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends and of course those whom I know in "real life"!!!

Christmas was a lovely time with family and seems quite awhile ago now. The tree and decorations are all away for another year.

I received some lovely gifts with the highlight being a beautiful Pandora bracelet from BJ. I am so excited about it and I am really looking forward to adding more beautiful beads to it. Is anyone else out there collecting the beautiful Pandora?

Before you get too excited for me, mine is mostly silver with a little touch of gold!! I will hopefully add a little more gold to it though!

My sweet boys also gave me an iPod. What a trendy old girl I feel!!

Of course we are in the middle of our very hot summer here, so we are off on a very long awaited holiday. We are off to Maroochydore (as pictured below). We cannot wait for two weeks of sitting, reading, stitching and of course eating!!

So the iPod is loaded with music ready to go, so I will enjoy some long walks along the beach to hopefully walk off that little excess from the Christmas break!! The stitching is packed and the backlog of beautiful magazines are coming along too.

I will be back in a couple of weeks when I will hopefully have much more time to keep house and enjoy the company of my friends much more. (And of course enjoy my blogging!)