Friday, 2 January 2009

A New Year Holiday....

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends and of course those whom I know in "real life"!!!

Christmas was a lovely time with family and seems quite awhile ago now. The tree and decorations are all away for another year.

I received some lovely gifts with the highlight being a beautiful Pandora bracelet from BJ. I am so excited about it and I am really looking forward to adding more beautiful beads to it. Is anyone else out there collecting the beautiful Pandora?

Before you get too excited for me, mine is mostly silver with a little touch of gold!! I will hopefully add a little more gold to it though!

My sweet boys also gave me an iPod. What a trendy old girl I feel!!

Of course we are in the middle of our very hot summer here, so we are off on a very long awaited holiday. We are off to Maroochydore (as pictured below). We cannot wait for two weeks of sitting, reading, stitching and of course eating!!

So the iPod is loaded with music ready to go, so I will enjoy some long walks along the beach to hopefully walk off that little excess from the Christmas break!! The stitching is packed and the backlog of beautiful magazines are coming along too.

I will be back in a couple of weeks when I will hopefully have much more time to keep house and enjoy the company of my friends much more. (And of course enjoy my blogging!)


Sarah said...

Enjoy your holiday, you lucky girl!
I too have a Pandora, mostly silver but 2 have a little gold ~ a complete gold one are the things dreams are made of....!
Sarah xxx

Lissa Jane said...

Oh have a wonderful holiday..
I am the proud owner of TWO pandora's now, mostly silver and murano glass with a couple of silver/gold ones (I am a princess so I got the princess and the pea and also the queen bee).. My dad bought me my name in letters for christmas, and there are SEVEN letters in Melissa! I have enough to start another bracelet.. I only got my first one christmas 2007.. dad has given me the $'s for a third, but I think I'll get a necklace next!
Happy New year to you :O)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leisa, your holiday destination looks wonderful hope you and your family enjoy it. My family is away on holidays also for a couple of weeks, I am so looking forward to also stitching, reading but most of all just relaxing. I too have a Pandora which was given to me by my lovely husband and two wonderful children for Mother's Day and birthday, as they both fell on the same day last year(2008).I have been lucky enough to add a few more wonderful beads of things I really love eg. teapot, teacup and cupcake.
Take care, Sue Holland