Monday, 20 June 2011

Vintage Music Kusadama Ball..........

I saw this lovely idea on a very sweet little blog.  I was entranced by the beauty of this idea.

Lots of little 3 inch squares of vintage music, folded and folded, 
and glued and glued
and held together with lots of bobby pins

and you have a lovely Vintage Music Kusadama Ball.

Absolutely chuffed with this little project.  I really didn't think I was capable of such a thing.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Foodie Weekend................

My computer is playing up. Badly.  I can't load pictures at all.  I have grovelled to Mitchell to use his computer to post a little update.

Last weekend I had a lovely weekend making some really delicious food.

I had been really wanting some Pumpkin Soup to take to work.  I love taking a serving to heat at lunchtime.  I saw Donna Hay make her soup recipe and thought it looked a great way to make it.

I just scooped out the seeds and baked the pumpkin whole.  It was then scooped out into the food processor and the rest of the ingredients added and blended.  It is so good.

Cornflake biscuits also.  Too yummy.  The kids loved these as they brought back many memories for them of helping to make hundreds of them at the bakery.  They taste just the same.

Little tart shells.............

Filled with Lemon Butter............

Made with some of my bountiful lemon harvest..........

So lovely to have yummy food on a cold weekend.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A day in our garden...............

We have had the most beautiful weather here today.  So warm in the garden, that we only needed sleeveless shirts on!  How nice to get such a wonderful day for the weekend.

Alexandra helped along for some of the time, then she made us the most delicious lunch.  We picked a Chinese Cabbage as well as Spring Onion and Chives from the garden and she made the lovliest coleslaw which we ate with yummy jacket potatoes - of course there was sour cream as well!!!

Alexandra makes the best scones.  These were served with strawberry jam and of course a little dollop of whipped cream.


We have a bumper crop of lemons this year.  I think it was something like 62 lemons!  Remember back here when I had a much different harvest!  Now we have dozens of eggs and lemons - lemon delicious pudding, lemon meringue tart, lemon butter - where to start.

We picked the first head of Broccoli today as well.  It is so wonderful to grow our own food.

Tonight we enjoyed yummy little Dutch Pancakes spinkled with a little sugar and drizzled with delicious fresh lemon juice.

Today I potted up 25 punnets of seedlings.  I just love doing this.  It is such a promise of a beautiful Spring to come after the Winter. 

I love beautiful days in the garden.  Mindless. Peaceful. Relaxing. Refreshing. Pure Bliss.