Thursday, 20 September 2012

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2012

Carnival is about to begin.  Ten days of beautiful gardens and celebrating Spring.
We have entered the Carnival Garden Competition for the fifth year. 
In the early years of entering we did so with the idea to let people see what could be attained whilst trying to establish a garden in the middle of the most horrendous drought.
I think we achieved this.  We have mostly used our tank water and our grey water to establish our garden.  We tell anyone who will listen about the way we use our water to gain the best results.
The garden has grown and expanded and is almost how I have imagined it would be over the years we have been here.  I think the best is yet to come as my beautiful trees continue to grow and establish themselves.
I pulled out my garden plan that a drew up on graph paper while we were building - it is almost exactly how I planned it all those years ago.
The hedges have grown and now allow our visitors to wander from area to area and enjoy each part of the garden as they come upon it.
This year we are thrilled with our garden results.
We entered into four categories and came away with three awards.
This year we have won Third Place in the Family Garden, Second and the Outdoor Living Area and
First Place in the Cottage Garden.
A pennant of each colour hanging from the front fence.
To say I am excited is truly an understatement.
So, tomorrow the Carnival begins and we now set up our garden with all her finery for the next ten days as we welcome visitors to our home and garden.
I love to show people, young and old, through our garden.  It's just lovely to share the love of gardening with those who choose to visit. 
Today, the Tourist Information Centre brought a bus load of volunteers to show them the garden. 
These people will now work in the Information Centre during Carnival and tell the thousands who visit our city about the wonderful places they can visit - I do hope they talk about our garden!
It's a few days since I took these pictures, and looking now I realise just how much more the garden has come into flower.  Each day there is something new to look at.
Sixty three years is a long time for a city to celebrate Spring with a Carnival.
Our beautiful city has done and hopefully will continue to for many years to come.
Welcome Spring and welcome to any who choose to find our little patch of garden paradise that we call home.
Let the Carnival begin!


Jane Bunn said...

Hello Leisa, Congratulations to you and your hubby on your outstanding achievements. All those awards are certainly a reward for all your hard work and the garden looks fantastic.Have a wonderful 10 days.

Cubby House Crafts said...

Congratulations Leisa!!!! Your garden is truly gorgeous and I love looking at your pics!!!


Sue H said...

Hi Leisa, congratulations to you and your family on such a lovely garden. I only wish I lived closer so I could visit it and admire it in person.


Jo said...

Lovely to see you this morning Leisa. The garden is looking fabulous despite the hail! Amazing to look at the before photos and see it as it is now. So much hard work but so much pleasure gained!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Your garden is just lovely. A beautiful place to enjoy the great outdoors. Hope you and your family have a wonderful spring and summer.

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