Monday, 22 October 2012


I'm not quite sure where the last 22 years has gone.  I think I blinked and then, gone!  While life has been busy while children have grown, somehow that time has come for our eldest to leave home. 
Goodness, I didn't realise it is this hard. 
To make it a little harder he hasn't just left home, he has moved 3300 kilometres (2049 miles) from our home.
A four hour flight none the less, plus of course the two hour drive we have to reach an airport in the first place.
Our boy is an adventurer with some wonderful goals he wishes to fulfill in his lifetime.  He is a television cameraman.  Cameron has begun his career in the local television station here in our home city and has loved every moment of it.  His long term goal is to travel overseas to cover world news and that will simply not happen from here.
So, he has joined a national network and has moved to the top end of Australia.  It's a long way from us and I will miss him greatly.  From here he hopes that he will be sent on work assignments to the Asia region.
I know that he will be just so successful in this position and I know his dreams will come true.  This is just the beginning for him.

We helped him pack some essentials into two suitcases and he has begun his journey.  The rest of his gear will follow when he is able to move into some more permanent accommodation - for the moment he is a motel dweller with a suitcase!! 

I travelled to Darwin a couple of weeks ago to work out some accommodation for him.  It is a long way from here and I had exhausted the "google" searches and my phone calls were reaching dead ends.  It was certainly worth my trip. 
He will be living in a beautiful unit that will be available at the end of next month. 
While I was there, two very lovely people crossed my path.  I believe they were a gift from God and came at the moment when I thought all was almost too hard to get our boy to be able to live where he had gained employment.
These people have offered Cameron a room in their home while he waits for the unit to be available.  This could be up to a month or more.  Very kind and most generous.  For this I am so very grateful.

And so, our life has entered the next phase as it were.  We now have two children at home and one away on the next adventure in his career. 
In two years our baby will be finished high school and Mitchell will be finished his apprenticeship.
See, I blinked and look what happened!

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Jo said...

Wishing Cameron all the best in Darwin. I wish you grace while adjusting to his absence. Kindest regards, Jo