Sunday, 28 October 2012


Oh how wonderful and delightful to harvest carrots from the garden.
My only other attempts at growing carrots have not been at all successful.
Usually, I end up with bitter, twisted abnormal looking things by planting seedlings.
But, this time lovely straight carrots in all different sizes.  They are beautiful.
A whole box full
11.5 kilograms of them!
The secret seems to be planting seed.  This time we used Yates seed tape - it was fantastic.
I would say almost 100% success in the seed coming up.  So easy to use, just tear off at the length you want the rows to be and presto, carrots are planted!  There is six metres of tape in a packet.
I only thinned them a little. Next time I would probably take a few more out, but overall, I am very happy with how my carrot growing went!
I have peeled and prepared 2.5 kilograms for the freezer so far.  Better get a few more done.
We enjoyed some smaller ones with our roast dinner a few nights ago - delicious!

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Bobbie Lynn said...

Beautiful! I just sowed some carrots seeds. How they come out at lovely as yours. Happy gardening.