Thursday, 24 April 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow.......

Just a quick hello from me today. A busy week again. I went for drive to Pittsworth the country town where we used to have our shop - business reasons. I stopped on the way home and took this picture. What a lovely rainbow. I watched it all the way home - sometimes even a double rainbow appeared.
Tomorrow we commemorate Anzac Day here in Australia. It's public holiday so looking forward to a quiet day.
I have just come back to have a look at this post and was taken back at the beauty I saw in this photo!. I have driven this road hundreds and hundreds of times in my life and I don't think I have ever realised the absolute beauty of this particular area. It has made me realise that I guess I should open my eyes to see the beauty of where I live and maybe not so often wish to be somewhere else.
Tonight I am thankful for my home, my family and the abundant blessings I have in my life. I just have to open my eyes more often and see everything through different eyes.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Studio Love........

Well, my family laugh when I call it a "Studio" - I guess sewing room sounds more normal to them. I wonder though at what point a sewing room becomes a studio - maybe when one uses the space to make a living? Not sure - but I love my space!!

I planned this space just for me throughout the planning of the building of our home. Maybe a little selfish, but I so need to escape to this place even just for a little while. I had the table and freestanding hutch built to order. I am really pleased how it turned out.

The daybed is a favourite - I had one on order for weeks and weeks and it just never turned up - you know - that slow boat that never shows!! I was so pleased when I walked into another furniture store in town and could have it delivered the next day.

I love the crystal door and cupboard knobs. Alexandra and I both have them in our rooms - the builder couldn't quite get his head around that one. I lost count of the number of times he told me things I wanted weren't "the usual". I think when you dream of something for so long it is worth doing it the way you want it.

The bottles I collect from the shop - cherries come in them and they are just perfect for storing all my bits and bobs. I love my stacks of books and cherish them, can you see the Crabtree and Evelyn room spray - just beautiful.

I enjoyed making my sewing machine cover - so much nicer than the plastic one that came with it!

These old boxes I came across at the thrift shop one day - what a great day that was - I store my vintage lace in them.

I love to just look at this roll of monograms I found in my dear Nana's things. "E" for Eleanor - I wonder what she stitched them onto as a girl.

I hope you enjoyed a visit into my "Studio". Now just to spend more time in there!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Tea Bread.........

Yesterday, I was able to bake in the afternoon. It was lovely to have some time to do something as simple as bake a yummy loaf. It is a Welsh Tea Bread, the recipe was in the February issue of the British Country Living (I love that magazine). Before I went to work I actually thought far enough ahead to put the fruit into soak in the hot tea.
I resisted yesterday afternoon, but this morning for morning tea it was delicious!!

Better get back into some work now - sorting childrens clothing. Change of season. I have a very generous sister - in - law who passes clothes onto Alexandra, so we are very fortunate to get them but always a big job to sort it all out.

Monday, 14 April 2008

A Night With the Phantom........

What a lovely evening we had at the Lyric Theatre last Wednesday night. It was actually the second time BJ and I had seen this show, the last time was when I was pregnant with Alexandra, so eleven years ago.

I think Anthony Warlow is getting better with age - his performance was brilliant. The full cast was wonderful. The costumes and set, fantastic. The children enjoyed their evening too. The boys decided they didn't like the songs - but enjoyed the music and all the action on stage.
I sometimes just wanted to close my eyes and enjoy the voices and the orchestra - but of course would have missed too much that was going on. It was so nice to be in the city for just the evening - maybe I will get to visit and stay longer next time.
Last week was busy but enjoyable just the same. Alexandra stayed with Grandma and Grandad for a few nights since it was the holidays - so after work the afternoons were a little more free.
I actually made it into the sewing room too and finally made my new PJ's. It is so nice to have achieved that. I have had that fabric for probably three years, so great to have another project done.

I love the ruffles on the top, I would usually baulk at little ruffles like that but the pattern had a great tip on how to turn the neat little hem and it worked really well.

I am looking forward to a visit to my dear friend Barb's tomorrow and hopefully some more creative pursuits this week.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

In The Mail......

Lovely mail in my mail box today. Isn't it fun when postie brings lovely things instead of bills and junk.

Last week I won a giveaway over at The Beehive Cottage. Maryjane is a lovely lady and it is so nice to meet her in blogland. My parcel arrived today and it contained some lovely bits and pieces. Look at the cute paper covered in bees!!

I received a pincushion, some dishclothes that Maryjane has crocheted herself and a pillowcase. Thank you so much Maryjane, your gifts to me are very much appreciated.
Also in the post today was the May issue of Romantic Homes. I just love this magazine and it is so worth getting each month. I have only had time for a quick look through and will look forward to getting back to reading it from cover to cover.

This page jumped out at me and I thought it was just lovely.

Also I noticed another lovely project from Cathy Penton. Just beautiful once again.

It has turned into a beautiful rainy day here. The children picked some lettuce from our garden this morning, it looks beautiful.

We are off to see a show in Brisbane tonight and then tomorrow is a public holiday here for our local show.

It will be nice to spend the day at home pottering (I hope). We have more turf ordered to finish the footpath in front of our house, so that will be Friday afternoons job.

Friday, 4 April 2008

A Gift.......

At the end of February my dear friend Barb arranged for me to meet a lovely lady Angela and to see her garden. I had the most lovely morning that day. Barb had also arranged for me to choose a beautiful charm that Angela made for me.

This week, I met up with Barb and received my beautiful gift. Thank you so much again my friend.

Angela paints the lovely little water colours onto old papers and then solders them into the beautiful charms. I just love the beautiful minute details. The little box that it was delivered in is also an absolute work of art. Covered in lovely old music and then waxed and tied up with a sweet pink ribbon - all just me to a tee!!!
The lace in the background was a recent find at the "thrift" shop!!! Just beautiful.
So glad the weekend and the school holidays are here. I so look forward to the weekends at the moment when I hopefully don't have to venture very far from my home and garden.
A trip to the large Bunnings near us last night produced some lovely purchases that will need to be planted out tomorrow. I will show you more next time. Looking forward to a great weekend.