Friday, 29 June 2007


I have been sewing and stitching since I was a child and have always enjoyed it. When my children were small I used to visit my friend and be in awe of her beautiful quilts she was making for her home and family and so wanted to be able to do the same. It looked complicated and hard.

My first attempt was rather sad - cut with scissors and not terribly accurate.

I was fortunate to be part of a group at a local church and many of the ladies there were quilting and making lots of lovely things. So it was there that I was able to learn much more about quilting. I really haven't done any classes, but have been able to pick up enough I guess because of my sewing experience.

This quilt is the only "BOM" that I have done and probably the only one. I was so disappointed with many of the fabrics that came. I swapped a few but when you have paid to much for it that seemed a little pointless.

This is Angel Story by Hatched and Patched. It is made using the full range of Hannah Bella by Robyn Pandolph. It is appliqued with buttonhole stitch and was fun to do. I purchased the full set of 1/4's and had them sent from America. I have so much of it left I will make another quilt of some sort from it!!

I have always had hand work on the go mainly because of the amount of time I have spent waiting for children at their activities. When we lived a little further from town I spent around nine hours each week waiting for them at different times. I don't have to wait so much now as we moved to our new home closer to town, but still seem to get something done - even though I would like to achieve more.

These are a couple of my favourite blocks from this quilt.

This is the second quilt I made. I love 1930's fabrics and this collection I purchased when I was fortunate enough to visit Piecemakers in California. It was a really lovely shop and the memory will stay with me forever.

Well, this is a bit of a peek at some of my work, I hope you enjoyed them. Off to work on the next project...........

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

My dear little Alexandra had to have two little teeth taken out by the dentist yesterday.

She was so very brave and it all went well. Last night she put her two teeth into a glass of water by her bed.

The tooth fairy was treated to a little letter from her Alexandra explaining that she didn't really expect too much as she realised the two little teeth had already cost Mummy & Daddy in excess of $200!! BUT could the tooth fairy please leave her flowers from the garden.

Soooooo, into the garden the Tooth Fairy ventured, into the dark, cold, winters night and found this.


Saturday, 23 June 2007

Winter Warmers

Proper winter at last! It has been freezing cold here this week. It seems an age since we had some continuous winter weather. I sometimes wish we had put a wood burner into our new home but I certainly don't miss the work associated with that. The air con has battled at times to keep up so for the first time ever we have left it going at night.
The children have started their winter holidays today - 3 weeks. So we are looking forward to having some slower mornings at least.
Mitchell has just made some delicious savoury scones for our lunch and they were yummy. He is quite a good little cook. Winter weather and delicious food just go together.

Monday, 18 June 2007

In the Garden

I love it so much in my garden. Our garden is only 8 months old. Creating a new garden in the worst drought in history is certainly interesting to say the least. With only the water from our tanks we have done quite well I think.
The "Girls from the bottom of the garden" are getting a little run attached to their house.
I hope they like it!!
I love pansies and have some planted in a cute planter which was a house warming gift from a special friend. I hope you enjoy a couple of pics of my garden so far. I am just itching to start the next thing on my list.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

A Lovely Sunday

A lovely Sunday afternoon today. I love days like today when life is quite and gentle.
The weather was quite warm after a cool start this morning. I enjoyed a little potter in the garden attending to some watering and spraying of the roses.
I spent the afternoon on the deck stitching a little project and then some on a quilt in progress.

Late this afternoon the two youngest ones decided to build a campfire. This part of the garden hasn't been done yet, so it was fine for them to have a fire down there. They had a lovely time.

Peace and quite and an afternoon stitching - bliss.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

My Grandmothers

I have been blessed to have two very special Grandmothers in my life.
My paternal Nana "Eleanor" passed away just four months ago and I miss her so much. I grew up living across the road from her and spent many wonderful times with her, particularly in the kitchen and having cups of tea. I am so blessed to have some furniture and bits and bobs from her home and I will treasure them forever.
I still have my maternal Grandma - Mavis "Ruby". She is bed ridden and has dementia in a very advanced stage. We visit and she smiles and tries to talk to us. Some days she has moments where we at least think that she knows us. She continues to be the gentle lovely lady she has always been.
I saw Grandma each weekend while growing up and spent many school holidays having a little holiday at their farm. Later after retirement I spent most lunch times with them during my early working days.
Four decades of loving and caring for two special ladies.
Memories etched deep in my mind and on my heart forever.
"Eleanor and Ruby" my Grandmothers.

The Beginning

I really love the idea of Blogging and thoroughly enjoy reading and exploring others homes and gardens, quilting and sewing and general day to day life of people all over.
I am not sure if this will be a constant thing or just an occasional thing - so here goes as I share my home and garden and other enjoyments in my life.