Sunday, 17 June 2007

A Lovely Sunday

A lovely Sunday afternoon today. I love days like today when life is quite and gentle.
The weather was quite warm after a cool start this morning. I enjoyed a little potter in the garden attending to some watering and spraying of the roses.
I spent the afternoon on the deck stitching a little project and then some on a quilt in progress.

Late this afternoon the two youngest ones decided to build a campfire. This part of the garden hasn't been done yet, so it was fine for them to have a fire down there. They had a lovely time.

Peace and quite and an afternoon stitching - bliss.


Angela Louise said...

Dear Leisa, I loved reading about your Grandmas. My own Grandmas left me with wonderful memories. I too used to spend my holidays with one of mine and I felt ever so spoilt. She had such a gentle way about her.There is nothing quite like a grandma's love. Now I know your blog title is just perfect!
I know exactly what you mean about slow Sundays. I find when you plan to do nothing in particular for the day, these are the sort of days you get. Lovely to see your stitchery and your children enjoying themselves with a campfire. We are rather fond of campfires ourselves...

Matroskin said...

Good luck with your blog! I found you through White Country. It's interesting to know what people are doing in different parts of the globe!

Leanne said...

Hi Leisa, I love the sound of a warm day. Here in S.A. it is cold and I hate winter. I am trying not to complain too much as we need the rain. I love lazy Sundays also.
P.S. I just love Scoot,Trixie & Henny