Friday, 29 June 2007


I have been sewing and stitching since I was a child and have always enjoyed it. When my children were small I used to visit my friend and be in awe of her beautiful quilts she was making for her home and family and so wanted to be able to do the same. It looked complicated and hard.

My first attempt was rather sad - cut with scissors and not terribly accurate.

I was fortunate to be part of a group at a local church and many of the ladies there were quilting and making lots of lovely things. So it was there that I was able to learn much more about quilting. I really haven't done any classes, but have been able to pick up enough I guess because of my sewing experience.

This quilt is the only "BOM" that I have done and probably the only one. I was so disappointed with many of the fabrics that came. I swapped a few but when you have paid to much for it that seemed a little pointless.

This is Angel Story by Hatched and Patched. It is made using the full range of Hannah Bella by Robyn Pandolph. It is appliqued with buttonhole stitch and was fun to do. I purchased the full set of 1/4's and had them sent from America. I have so much of it left I will make another quilt of some sort from it!!

I have always had hand work on the go mainly because of the amount of time I have spent waiting for children at their activities. When we lived a little further from town I spent around nine hours each week waiting for them at different times. I don't have to wait so much now as we moved to our new home closer to town, but still seem to get something done - even though I would like to achieve more.

These are a couple of my favourite blocks from this quilt.

This is the second quilt I made. I love 1930's fabrics and this collection I purchased when I was fortunate enough to visit Piecemakers in California. It was a really lovely shop and the memory will stay with me forever.

Well, this is a bit of a peek at some of my work, I hope you enjoyed them. Off to work on the next project...........


Leanne said...

Your quilts look lovely. I love the Angel story quilt and have thought of starting it(along with a million other patterns I have seen). I am always reluctant to do BOM's as in fine print they always say "fabric and colours may vary depending on supply" this has always worried me. I am sewing Leanne's house journey of a quilter at the moment, but I just bought the pattern. I have done 6 blocks 3 to go.

Blossomcottage said...

What a lovely craft and what a fantstic talent you have for it, I handmade a quilt when the children were young with pieces of fabric left over from making dresses and curtains, I stilll have it but its a little fragile as I was not really that proficient at it. I love handmade things, Mags my friend who I used to go to the Royal with is the most fantastic craft person, she dyes and weaves her own wool, I look on in wonder. Lovely to hear from someone so far away.

buttercup & roses said...

Thankyou for your kind comments on my blog...
You are so talented, and patient! Loving those quilts, I just wish I had the ability to produce something like that, you are an inspiration.