Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

My dear little Alexandra had to have two little teeth taken out by the dentist yesterday.

She was so very brave and it all went well. Last night she put her two teeth into a glass of water by her bed.

The tooth fairy was treated to a little letter from her Alexandra explaining that she didn't really expect too much as she realised the two little teeth had already cost Mummy & Daddy in excess of $200!! BUT could the tooth fairy please leave her flowers from the garden.

Soooooo, into the garden the Tooth Fairy ventured, into the dark, cold, winters night and found this.


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Angela Louise said...

Dear Leisa, isn't it fun to be the Tooth Fairy? I just love all the sneaking around. Even though my kids are older now I still can't help but surprise them with the unexpected on birthdays, Christmas and Easter...I'm really not sure who has the most or them. I see you managed to get your picture from last post up and I think it's just beautiful. It looks like one out of a magazine. The scones look scrumptious!
Rug up and stay warm,