Saturday, 16 June 2007

The Beginning

I really love the idea of Blogging and thoroughly enjoy reading and exploring others homes and gardens, quilting and sewing and general day to day life of people all over.
I am not sure if this will be a constant thing or just an occasional thing - so here goes as I share my home and garden and other enjoyments in my life.


Angela Louise said...

Hi Leisa, thankyou so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments...this is one of the reasons blogging is so enjoyable. "Meeting up" with people from all over. Welcome to the world of the name of your blog. Happy will get addicted,

Cathy Louise said...

Hi Leisa
Thank you so much for visiting my blog... You will have the best time and I am glad we have the chocolate cottage in common, what a wonderful place to visit... Take care

Karen said...

Hi Leisa, I just love your blog! I have just discovered it today and have spent hours reading it and looking at your lovely photos. I have just moved (8 weeks ago)to a small country town where we have built a house, and I really should have spent the day sorting things out instead of on the computer. It has really given me a lift though as I was feeling a bit down...all my lovely things have been packed away for over 12 months and it is going to take ages to sort them out and get the house looking the way I want, and the yard is just a sea of mud! I love exactly the same things you do - gardening, vintage things, sewing, browsing op shops etc, so your blog really hit the right spot with me. I have met some nice people here, but so far no-one who likes all these things too! Keep up the good work, I will be checking your blog very regularly!