Monday, 18 June 2007

In the Garden

I love it so much in my garden. Our garden is only 8 months old. Creating a new garden in the worst drought in history is certainly interesting to say the least. With only the water from our tanks we have done quite well I think.
The "Girls from the bottom of the garden" are getting a little run attached to their house.
I hope they like it!!
I love pansies and have some planted in a cute planter which was a house warming gift from a special friend. I hope you enjoy a couple of pics of my garden so far. I am just itching to start the next thing on my list.


Outi said...

Leisa, how nice that you've started blogging too! I adore the dotted cup you've used as a planter. And the glimpse of your house, looks promising!

Angela Louise said...

Leisa, I can certainly sympathise with you starting a garden in the drought! Plants can be so tough once established but what a challenge it is to get them established.At the moment I'm really getting in to pot plants because it feels much easier to keep them going. i never use to be good with them but i think that since the drought i know they will die if i don't keep the water up to them.
Happy days, Angela.