Saturday, 23 June 2007

Winter Warmers

Proper winter at last! It has been freezing cold here this week. It seems an age since we had some continuous winter weather. I sometimes wish we had put a wood burner into our new home but I certainly don't miss the work associated with that. The air con has battled at times to keep up so for the first time ever we have left it going at night.
The children have started their winter holidays today - 3 weeks. So we are looking forward to having some slower mornings at least.
Mitchell has just made some delicious savoury scones for our lunch and they were yummy. He is quite a good little cook. Winter weather and delicious food just go together.

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Cathy Louise said...

This last week felt like when we first moved to tomorrow nearly 18 years ago now... We drove into town looking for accommodation and at 11 am it was 7 degrees and blowing a gale.. My husband and I looked at each other and thought, why are we coming here... I must say I don't regret a minute of it..This is definitely home for us now... I must say though on days like this I do enjoy having my wood stove....