Saturday, 16 June 2007

My Grandmothers

I have been blessed to have two very special Grandmothers in my life.
My paternal Nana "Eleanor" passed away just four months ago and I miss her so much. I grew up living across the road from her and spent many wonderful times with her, particularly in the kitchen and having cups of tea. I am so blessed to have some furniture and bits and bobs from her home and I will treasure them forever.
I still have my maternal Grandma - Mavis "Ruby". She is bed ridden and has dementia in a very advanced stage. We visit and she smiles and tries to talk to us. Some days she has moments where we at least think that she knows us. She continues to be the gentle lovely lady she has always been.
I saw Grandma each weekend while growing up and spent many school holidays having a little holiday at their farm. Later after retirement I spent most lunch times with them during my early working days.
Four decades of loving and caring for two special ladies.
Memories etched deep in my mind and on my heart forever.
"Eleanor and Ruby" my Grandmothers.

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rosie said...

What a beautiful photo of the hands. Grandmothers are such a blessing. I have my maternal Oma in holland. I love her with all my heart and hope to see her again one day.