Wednesday, 21 November 2012

For the love of Vintage.....

I've been on the hunt again.  A little spare time on my way home and I find myself finding my favourite vintage treasure shops.
I have had to put my love of old and interesting bits and bobs on hold while our budget was so tight.  Thankfully, we are blessed with a little more in our budget through our newest work venture.
This little grouping is particularly lovely.  Two beautiful handworked pillow cases and a wonderful small table cloth.
I love to wonder at those whose hands have worked these beautiful items.  How does anyone part with them.
 Stunning hand crochet edging and tiny, weeny stitches.  So much love and thought. 
My fascination with hand towels continues - I must count them one day - or maybe not!!
I was on a mission for more - the ones above have been saved, too precious to cut up - only the raggy ones get cut and made into something else.
Old linens are a little hard to find where I live and so I continue to look and hope.
I did find some lovely ones in a condition not really worth saving and have had a lovely time creating once more. 
It was wonderful to be in my sewing room and just creating.  Yes, some late nights but oh so worth it.  You see, I am taking part in a market in a couple of weeks.  We are doing a joint stall with our bakery.  Beautiful Christmas food - cakes and puddings, white Christmas, rum balls, apricot balls and of course we will do some macarons. 
Three years between markets for Eleanor and Ruby.  I am quite looking forward to it.  However, the unknown side is a little daunting - maybe it will all come home with me!!
 Bracelets made with buttons made with vintage stitching.
Vintage stitched magnets.
Pushpins (thumbtacks) for the notice board.
Now to just get the next idea on the go - all in amongst the Christmas cake making!