Friday, 19 June 2009

Little Pincushions......

Finally a little project finished. It seems as though these little pincushions have been on the go for weeks. This was Leanne Beasley's project in the Pincushion of the Month. Very sweet indeed. I really enjoyed the lovely embroidery of this project.
Can you see the little tags I have popped on them. I now have official 'Eleanor and Ruby' tags. Very exciting indeed. Now I just have to make 100 things to put them on!!
We have now officially joined the ranks of the unemployed and looking for work. Scary!! Brendon has a couple of offers he is considering and actually has had a today back down at the bakery!! Not quite three weeks and they weren't coping terribly well!!
I am applying for administration positions. An interesting experience after so long being self employed. I applied for two government positions today that required seven hundred word submissions addressing the key criteria!! That got the brain into gear. I wonder if I will get an interview? I had an interview a few weeks ago and was one of 150 applicants.
I think I had better enjoy a little crafting while I can. I think a new routine of a paid position will take a little adjusting to (by all of us)!!
Looking forward to the weekend and hopefully some rain!


Deb said...

Make the most of your time off whilst you can Leisa,once you get a job life will be all changed again! Love your pincushions and the wee tags are so cute.

A-M said...

Oh they are just darling! A-M xx

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

How charming! Well done, you.

And best of luck with your new endeavors.


nicolette said...

The pin-cushions are lovely. I almost finished mine.

Enjoy your time off! I hope you will be successful in finding employment!

Angela Louise said...

Lovely little pin cushions Leisa.So CUTE!
Wishing you and Brenden all the best with whatever you end up doing. I'm sure you will both get work in just the right places.
I can't even imagine going to a job interview...scary!I think i've only ever been to two in my life so I think I would be a bit rusty too.
A happy Sunday to you and your family. Looks like some rains on the way. Have you got any flowers in?
Smiles, Angela.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Georgeous pin-cushions Leisa. Love the tags too. That makes them evem more special.

abeachcottage said...

oh we are having 'time off' too, trying to enjoy it while we can...

love those pincushions, you are very crafty and talented


Millie said...

Leisa thank you so much for your recent thoughts & well wishes. I was deeply touched by your messages, what a sweet soul you are. You look to be coping incredibly well with all the challenges life has sent your way. You & Brendon deserve nothing but sunny days from now on.
Millie ^_^

training education said...

wow!!! It is sooooooooooo adorable!!!! I love them all. Teach us how to make these please. I want to make some. Is it ok?