Tuesday, 4 September 2007

It's Spring... and another birthday!

I just love seeing all the blossom trees in flower. I don't have this beauty in my garden (I stole them!) sort of!! There is a tree near our business, so hopefully I'm not in trouble!!!!

Over another week has disappeared and here we are in September - unbelieveable. We've had our last August birthday too. Cameron is now seventeen. He has his learners permit and today and tomorrow sits his QCS tests. He has so many decisions to make in the next few weeks - all a bit much. I just pray he achieves his dreams in life and that he is always safe and well.
I am a bit of a magazine junkie and love English and American magazines!! I have always admired bulbs growing and teacups and lovely containers and always wanted to do it. I inquired at some nurseries here and no one could help, one lady even told me she thought those sorts of photos were just set ups!! Then along came the lovely Angela to the rescue. She is so clever this lady. I saw on her beautiful blog Chelsea Blue Whispers that she was doing exactly what I had wanted to for quite a while. She pointed me in the right direction and hopefully I will have some beautiful hyacinths soon. Pop on over to her blog and have a peek. Here is one of my attempts, I have done two teacups as well. So far, so good!!

Well I hope Spring is here to stay. I am really enjoying getting into the garden after the lovely rain we had. There are flowers and new growth and the lawn is green. We planted fifty Photinia Red Robin around the back fenceline so that will be a lovely screen when it grows - just patience is the key now as it all establishes.
I am really looking forward to the school holidays in a couple of weeks, it will be nice to take a break again from the routine. In the meantime, hopefully I can blog more regularly.


Angela Louise said...

Good on you Leisa...your bulbs will do marvellously I'm sure.My hyacinths in the little tins are just starting to flower. They have taken a little longer because I didn't chill them first.
Thankyou for your oh so kind words. Such a compliment from someone as nice as you.
Yet another birthday!!! BEST WISHES TO YOUR SON- 17!Wow...does that make you feel older? I know when Isaac turned 16 it almost made me feel younger because I couldn't believe that I could have someone that old...he must be someone else's. It didn't seem that long ago I was finishing grade 12. Then when I really think about it...I guess it was.
Have a good week, Angela.

tash said...

Hyacinths will grow just about anywhere as long as their roots have water, and they get a nip of cool (some Spring bulbs need a chill to get them going, but after that, they can be kept very happily inside). Love the idea of putting them in old cups - perfect! Happy birthday to your son - I remember 17 fondly, it was the first year I felt real autonomy :)

de vliegende koe said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Leisa! Ohh, Springtime is such a lovely season! We missed it, it was summer during Springtime and we didn’t have Summer during Summertime and now there is September... I love the Hyacints!

SweetAnnee said...

LAVENDAR tis oh so lovely!!
and Happy Birthday to your handsome
Spring~~tis Autumn here
fondly, Deena