Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Two new projects......

Very excited to be working on two new projects at the moment - one stitching and the other in the garden.

I gathered the fabrics together quite awhile ago to make this cute bag. It is coming together quite well so far. Hopefully it will be a lovely new bag to use during the coming Spring days.

The next project in the garden began today. As we built our house on stumps (posts) due to the land being on the side of a hill we don't have any "flat" places as such. Down towards the back of the block near where Scoot and the Henny Pennies live we decided to have another spot cut and retained. This is to become the Vege/Herb and cutting garden!! Well, that's the plan!! I am sure we will be able to make it look really lovely.

So, the man with his "bobcat" came and dug the holes and got started today. Quite awhile ago I purchased a pile of old fencing/gate pieces at a farm auction. (Much to the dismay of my Father who had to take them home to his place while we built the house!) The plan is to fence around the edge of this levelled area and install another find of mine, an old garden gate (of course the men of the family continue to shake their heads!) Wisteria is planned to grow on this little fence. I also have an old set of cement laundry tubs in this area - I am not sure what to grow in them yet. I have seen roses in tubs but maybe some herbs might be nice. I have wanted to grow herbs ever since I was a teenager and have never really had a suitable spot to do so. Maybe here is my chance.

Further to the plan is boxed raised beds with gravel paths in between. Mitchell is quite interested in growing veges too, so hopefully he will also enjoy the process of putting this all together.

It is so exciting to have some more new projects on the go.


de vliegende koe said...

My gosh, why didn’t you become a landscape architect (or are you secretly...??) You have some wonderful ideas!

Letty said...

Hi, can you tell me which bag pattern you are using? It looks great!

Leanne said...

Lovely bag Happy gardening.

buttercup & roses said...

That bag is so sweet, I love the colours of those fabrics...
Thats quite some project you have planned!


Angela Louise said...

Rosy fabric for your could you go wrong! I feel very excited for you Leisa. There is nothing quite like the thrill of having a new garden project. The results are so rewarding...creating beauty. Sort of like doing a beautiful painting.
I love herbs too and so I grow them everywhere. Golden oregano looks wonderful as a border and lemon balm has such a fresh lemony smell.Don't forget the structural plants in your vege patch like globe artichoke...I just love's very hard to make myself pick the huge thisle bud though. I often let it flower just to marvel at how giant a thisle it is.I have some lovely gardening books if you are interested?!?
Happy sewing and gardening..isn't this rain beautiful?