Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Progress Update.......

The vege/herb/cutting garden continues to progress, just too exciting. My dear Daddy came yesterday and this morning and built my fence around the new garden. I love being an only daughter! I don't think BJ likes the fence very much - but I think as usual the poor fellow just can't see the bigger picture!!!!

I'm sure the neighbours might be wondering when the poddy calves might be arriving! Oh well, too bad, I like it! The old gate and fence pieces came from a farm auction of a family I have known forever so I love having them and will think of those dear people often. I also got the old cart at the same auction. I just love the thrill of an auction, by the time I had finished bidding on these two lots I think I was almost exploding. I even had to go back into town to get some more cash to pay for my haul, the funny thing was being a small town the news of my purchases had beaten me back to town - BJ had even had people asking did he know what I was doing!!??!! Of course being the good wife that I am I had already broken the news to him!

I think my little garden gate will look lovely surrounded by lavender.

My stitching day was a lovely day away. We had such a nice time. I was so pleased to be able to spend a little time with Rosie and loved the projects she shared with us on the day. I chose to get started on a little needlepunch project, so that was lovely to learn something new as well. We were treated to a lovely lunch - very yummy. The patterns were all very different and only a couple of them were things I would usually choose to make so that was a little disappointing.

I took my newly completed "Love Is" quilt to show Rosie. This was her new quilt out the first time I met her, silly me though, I had taken a little piece of fabric with great plans to get her to write a little message for me to stitch onto the back of the quilt and in all the excitement forgot. It was a treat to see her new quilt too, I think I might have to give that one a go when the pattern comes out.
Oh no - now you've all seen me!!!!!!

I think stitching in a tent with over 100 others was a little too much for me - maybe I am just too fussy. I did enjoy the company of my friends and the other ladies we met as well.

Our family is off tomorrow on a little time away, we are all looking forward to the beach again. We are travelling to Hervey Bay and are really looking forward to going on a Whale Watch tour. At this time of the year the whales are migrating and come in close to this area. We have always said we would do this and now with our big boy nearly finished school we thought we had better fit it in while we are all still holidaying together. Better get some bags packed or we won't be going anywhere!


de vliegende koe said...

Leisa, the fence looks great and so do you, nice to meet you! What a great picture of you and Rosie with the quilt! Have a wonderful holiday, enjoy!

Leanne said...

Hey Leisa,
The fence is looking good. Before my dad passed away I loved having a list of jobs for him to do, he was so handy and loved being useful I really miss him so enjoy the time spent with your dad doing jobs.
Have a great time watching the whales.

Felicia said...

Beautiful quilt! That fence will definitly look great with lavendar.

Bronny said...

Hello my friend! I'm home again and sitting catching up on all the news. So wonderful to be able to see all you've been doing and enjoying, without having to wait till you return! I'm so greedy! Look forward to a face to face though. We had a great week. Bronny.

cd&m said...

The gate will look and smell wonderful.