Monday, 25 August 2008

Happy Birthday.......

My big boy turned 18 today. I really can't believe where the last 18 years have disappeared. I pray that the years to come will be full of success and wonderful times.

Last week he had a job interview with a major bank in our city and he is waiting for their decision. I so hope he gets this job. Cameron has decided to work full time at the moment to further his career in flying. Unfortunately flying is a very costly industry to get into. He has deferred from uni at this time.
I was a very proud Mummy when he came out dressed for his interview!!
Tonight we have had dinner out together for his birthday.
Much love to you Cameron. Happy Birthday!!
Well, I guess that brings to a close birthday month at our house!


Lorraine said...

time just flies by doesn't it...hope he was successful with his job interview!

Angela Louise said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cameron!!! Eighteen, WOW! I hope you all had a wonderful birthday dinner and everything works in Cameron's favour for this job. I still think he has already achieved an amazing goal getting his pilot's licence. I can certainly see why he would like a job to further his flying career. Uni will always be there.
Hope this week is going well for you Leisa. Thankyou for the lovely comment and email you sent, Angela.

Jeanette said...

Dear Leisa!
This was the first time I visited your blog. So much wonderful things to read. Time goes by really fast doesn`t it? My daughter left home for boarding school last weekend and it feels like it was only yersterday she was a tiny baby. She`s 16 now! 18 and a pilots licence? Wow! thats pretty amazing. You must be very proud. By the picture I can see that he is a very good looking guy! Hope he got the job!

I am waiting for a 100 buxus too. Funny. I am planting them in my country house.

Will come back soon and read more!

See yaaa

nicolette said...

Happy Birthday Cameron. I remember last year’s post! How time flies!

Sal said...

He is one handsome young man!
Hope he had a great birthday.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I hope that you get the job!
Debbie Moss


Leanne said...

Happy belated B/day Cameron. How smart he looks all dresses up it's a sad time when our baby boys grow up.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Cameron! Best to you in your flying.

Cathy Louise said...

Happy Birthday to Cameron...They grow so very fast...Thank you for dropping by my blog and yes I think that one day maybe I will have a shop and that is why I put that on my new board to see how it felt to me....At the moment I have the best job in the world raising my children and working with amazing people in shops all over the world...Very blessed and I also get to spend time with Angela a couple of days a week which is a huge bonus... Take care Cathy