Saturday, 16 August 2008

This Week........

My baby has had her eleventh birthday. She celebrated with some friends last weekend. Today she dragged me around her favourite shops with birthday money burning a hole in her pocket. I think she enjoyed buying some special things though.

My sweet Mitchell turned 15 this week . He is about to begin learning the bass guitar, so no doubt that will be interesting (and loud) for all of us!

I couldn't wait any longer for my stocks to flower, so I treated myself to a bunch this week. They are just beautiful, I love their perfume!

I had a really enjoyable day this week and had some much needed stitching time with a lovely group of ladies. We had a lovely time at The Quilters Angel at Highfields. It is in a lovely complex with a coffee shop and other delightful shops.

I do however have this beautiful tulip in my garden. I have three pots of them all coming into flower, this being the first one. I havn't grown tulips before. They seem to be doing really well and should put on a delightful display.

On my way down the backstairs this morning (and there are quite a few of them), somehow I miss the last few. Well, I was a crying heap at the bottom - I can tell you!!!

Two skinned knees and a very big bruise coming out on my arm. I can feel my body becoming stiffer and stiffer.

The things we do for a picture for our Blogs!!!! I hope you enjoy this tulip very, very, very much!!

Not much else here other than much pie making at the bakery. Hoping for a more enjoyable week this coming one!


Lorraine said...

ouch....take it easy on the stairs....! great photo of the tulip tho!!..I have a couple of daffodils out and have been meaning to take a pic of them....they will be finished before I get around to it!!

Leanne said...

I hope you are O.K. falls can be very unnerving . Oh a music instrument in the house good luck with that...Gemma did trumpet for a while our dogs hated it. Love the glimpses into your house again.

Bronny said...

OUCH!! You poor poor darling. Want me to come and kiss it better? I had a great weekend in Wodonga. Thanks for the great sites you spied!! Bronny.

Sal said...

For a moment I forgot that you are in Australia and when I saw the tulip... I was puzzled!!
Happy belated birthday to your lovely children ;-)

Angela Louise said...

I think we fall heavier now we're older Leisa. The tulip photo was well worth the effort...I don't know about the fall though. Tulips always seem unreal to me. Even when I can touch them I can't believe such a beautiful thing could come out of the funny little bulb. Nature IS wonderful. Enjoy them while they last!!!
Happy birthday to your two lovely looks like your daughter had a HAPPY HAPPY birthday. A good week to you Leisa. I hope your bruises are getting better, Angela.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Mitchell! Sorry to hear about your fall and glad that you are okay. Love the tulip photo. Too bad the flower never seems to last long enough. But they are beautiful.