Thursday, 21 August 2008

100 little things.......

This week is flying by again. I am home today thankfully, but a thousand things to do as usual. Luckily blogger is playing fairly and the pics uploaded very quickly today.

It's Book Week this week. I was so pleased when I found out that Alexandra's new school celebrated this week. There have been displays of books and a show and yesterday she got to dress up to go to school. They could choose either a book character or the theme "Fuel the Mind".

I guess one plus for ballet and end of year concerts is getting to use your costume again. It made all the hard work worth it!! So she went as Tinkerbell! Her hair was still beautiful from her ballet exam the day before - she must really love it as she has gone to school today with it still done. It was well and truly glued to her head, so won't be going anywhere terribly quickly.
Finally today, my 100 buxus arrived.

I have done the edges of the garden beds along the front pathway and driveway.

The stick in the middle is a standard burgandy iceberg rose that is underplanted with Poppies and White Primula. I finished the beds off with mulch. What a job that was!
I am so looking forward to Spring!

Off to the laundry now and then I hope the sewing room - that's if I can remember where to find it!! It's been so long!!


Leanne said...

With a beautiful garden like that no wonder you haven't had time to sew. Very cute fairy.

nicolette said...

Alexandra looks so sweet!

Love your garden pictures. Those tiny buxus..!

Angela Louise said...

How cute Alexandra looks!
My kids would always tell me that they needed a costume at the very last late night was the only answer. I'm glad that that part of their lives is over with.
The garden is looking great Leisa. SO exciting getting all those box. AND I imagine it was quite a job planting them.
Onwards spring! Happy days, Angela.

Knot Garden said...

How exciting to get all those tiny box plants. I think a box hedge makes a lovely edging. I have a couple of conical box bushes in one of my borders and I love the statement they make.
Your daughter looks beautiful in her outfit.