Thursday, 4 September 2008

Gone Mad.....

We have been madly gardening here since the weather is starting to
feel much more like Spring.
The lawn is starting to green again. Since the last picture I posted showing the lawn, we
had quite severe frost and the whole yard turned white! So lovely to see the tinge of green again. It is so rewarding to see your efforts paying off when the garden is looking pretty.
Today though I think was our maddest moment in gardening so far. We have entered our garden into the "Novice" section of the local country gardening competition. Novice would be the word!! Not a clue what to expect or what is expected!!
The judging is any time from tomorrow through until Wednesday week and apparently we don't get told when to expect them!
In the rain it was - mowing and the final little tidy up! It would be just our luck to be on the first day!
So here we are in our raincoats - gardening. I wonder what the neighbours think!!!
The rain is beautiful and will dust everything off just perfectly.


nicolette said...

Good luck with the gardening competetion!

You two look adorable in the raincoats... (and shorts!)

On my Verandah. said...

Good Luck with the competition it looks lovely from what I can see.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Love to work in the garden when it rains. Happy Gardening and hope all goes well in your Spring garden.

Leanne said...

If you don't get FIRST place ...I will be writing an official letter of complaint.