Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Spring is Here.....

It is a lovely Spring Day here today. I thought I would show some pics of the garden which I took this morning.
This is looking from the back to the front of the garden.

My old farm wagon. I just love this little wagon. I bought it at a farm auction of people I have known my whole life. It would have been originally used to take the cans of milk maybe to the railway nearby.

The front view across the garden.

This was my original old bike. My brothers lovingly restored it for me and painted it pink when I was about 15. It is very faded now and the basket almost rusted through. It made a very cute planter though!

This is the buxus hedge that was planted just over a year ago. It is growing beautifully.

This old set of laundry tubs came from my parents farm. They were the original set of tubs that were in the old downstairs laundry when we moved to that farm. My little herbs are doing beautifully in them.

I wonder if I will ever harvest olives from my olive tree?

I am looking forward to so many more delightful Spring days and hopefully enjoy them in my garden with some nice cups of tea and some friends company, now all the hard work has been done.


Pennie said...

Hi there, just wanted to say I am really enjoying your blog. So much to soak in, love your garden (just what the dr ordered!!) and your beautiful sewing. I have only just found you and have quickly looked back over all your posts.

Thanks for sharing so honestly, looking forward to more in the beauty in the future...

nicolette said...

You truly live at an amazing spot! I really love your house and garden.
Isn’t Spring the best part of the year? It always feels like a fresh new start of everything.

We are enjoying some late Summerdays. Love the blurry sun and the smell of nature that changes!

Leanne said...

Isn't it wonderful...Spring...your garden is amazing. Thanks for taking us for a walk through it.

Sal said...

I love your garden! Gorgeous pics ;-)