Friday, 12 September 2008

Vintage Aprons.........

I just love old aprons. I have quite a collection of them now. It all started when Mum was cleaning out her linen cupboard and asked if I wanted to keep her old aprons.

My Mum was a bride in the mid 60's and she had made for her "glory box" many aprons. Some purely for work and some pretty "hostess" aprons.

I remember Mum usually wearing an apron in the kitchen when we were small but gradually I think this became less and less. I am so glad she kept them though.

Some of these were from Grandma and I think even from her sister. Some have come from the thrift shops. I love the cross stitch designs on these simple gingham aprons. Some designs are quite intricate.

This little brown check apron is the very first one I ever owned as a child. I loved wearing it in the kitchen when learning to bake. My Mothers' friend had made it for me and I think her Mother had made the little "Crinoline Lady" crochet for around the bottom.

This apron I found quite recently in the thrift shop. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw is there! How anyone could give it away. The embroidery is delightful , with her skirt covering most of the bottom of the apron. There was another there that day in an unfinished state - I wish I had purchased that one too.

This is my most recent find. I don't think it is hand made but lovely just the same. It is a child's size bib apron with a lovely flouncy skirt. Crisp, white and not hardly ever used.

I mostly wear an apron in the kitchen now. Mostly because of the busyness of our life and coming and going in the afternoon, helping to keep clean before the next afternoon event!

I love my little collection and enjoyed watching it flutter in the breeze on the line!


Gracie said...

I love your colection of aprons. I adore anything vintage and just looking at those darling aprons brings back such good memories.

Catherine said...

Absolutely lovely aprons. Some of the best handwork I have ever seen. Just wonderful!

Leanne said...

Lovely collection...I wear an apron but nothing as glamorous as those...I am very messy.

Angela Louise said...

Hi Leisa, wanted to wish you all the best for the garden competition. I think your garden is looking wonderful especially seeing as it is so young. Everything is coming along so well....roll on spring alright.
My mum didn't ever really wear an apron but I must confess that I am rather fond of them. I probably go for a more modern style though and I guess I am creating memories of "mum's apron" for my kids. I mostly wear one when I'm making pizzas as the flour seems to be attracted to me no matter how careful I am!!!!I also have a wee little one in gingham that my auntie made for me when I was three, so it's very cute.My auntie was a domestic goddess and aprons were very important to her.
Happy gardening to you. have a good week with the carnival events, Angela.

Lorraine said...

what a great collection of aprons...Mum always wore an apron in the kitchen but I have never worn one....although it makes so much sense since I usually manage to spill something on myself...I think perhaps I will make a couple and start wearing them...I received the most gorgeous apron in the cup cake swap but would hate to get it dirty....I remember having to make a gingham apron and do cross stitch on it in "home ec" in school!

Vintage Tea said...

Wonderful collection.

Thanks for entering my giveaway.

Victoria x

Sal said...

I love vintage pretty and individual ;-)

bobbie Lynn said...

They are beautiful and you are a lucky girl.