Thursday, 12 June 2008

Blessings...... Small and Large

The week is flying by once again. The school holidays will be here before I know it!

The little plants in the garden are doing well, so far. There are larkspur, foxgloves, delphinium, poppies, snapdragons and then the bulbs, daffodil, jonquil, rununculi and tulips! I really enjoy this time of year in the garden, not too hot to tackle all the jobs at once and exciting to plan for Spring.

I have also made a start on Mitchell's quilt - with a little peep in the picture! I have been quilting now for around seven years and todate my boys do not have quilts - bad Mummy I know!! So this year they are both getting one each. Mitchell is a bright boy and loves green, so his is bright with lots of green to match his room. He has a "Bok Choy" feature wall and he just loves his green "hand" chair (shaped like a hand). His fabric is the Friends and flowers range.

Cameron's will be more sedate in the Peace on Earth range - just love the map fabric for the back - so very Cameron .
Well, my biggest boy has been busy, busy. He has started an Arts/Business degree at University and is juggling two part time jobs to pay for his passion and long term goal in life - flying!!
Cameron has loved all things aeroplanes since he was just a little boy. We gave him a trial flying lesson for his 12th birthday and that was the beginning of this very long haul for him. It is just so expensive to fly and basically you buy yourself a job at the cost of at least $60000 for starters
On the 1st May, 2008 this 17 year old son of mine flew solo!! I thought driving a car was bad enough, but knowing he is flying on his own is definately worse.

So I guess he is on the way to fulfilling his career goal. I just pray he will be kept safe and that he is always just so careful when he goes flying and also out in the car.
I just wonder where the last 18 years disappeared to.
As I have written today my thoughts keep wandering to a family from our church who have lost their little boy after a hard battle with illness. I am truly blessed with healthy children and I thank God for that each day.
We really should be humbled everyday and be thankful for the lives most of us live, but it shouldn't take a tragedy to bring me to my knees in thankfulness.
I am truly Blessed beyond belief.

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Bobbie Lynn said...

Nice colors in your quilt blocks there. Good luck with your spring garden. Beautiful rose color.
Yes, I am also blessed with a wonderful healthy family and all the things God has given me in my 42 years of life. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Have a nice weekend Leisa.