Friday, 14 August 2009

This Week......

I have been having a lovely time in the sewing room making lots of new bags. If all goes well I will be putting some things into my Etsy shop hopefully before our Internet usage disappears for the month.

I had one huge cutting session yesterday afternoon, so onto the stitching. I so enjoy my time I get sewing.

Now, could someone please explain something to me. The people who live behind us have just recently moved in. They quite obviously are both at work all day and then never make it outside even on the weekends. Now my problem is this. Why do people like this get a puppy, not one but two. These puppies never get played with, walked or bathed. They must be getting fed, but that's about it. Now, these little fellows must be bored out of their brains. They are chewing everything in sight. Yesterday, they dug under our fence and hauled this 20 metres of dripper line completely onto their side and by the time we found it, they had chewed every fitting on it.

I brought it to these people's attention this morning. They were embarrassed and most helpful in wanting to help fix it BUT I still don't understand!!! Rant over!!!!

The pots are coming along beautifully. Hundreds of little buds. I am picking them off at the moment but will let them run into a riot of colour in the next couple of weeks. I still have them all grouped together for ease of watering. Can't wait to "decorate" the outside with them!

I had a heap of fun at the garden centre one morning this week. This little corner was very untidy and ordinary. I had a great time choosing some plants and redoing this area. It has a very purple theme now. Polygala, viola, status and dianthus.

I love primula and have planted heaps of them. Look at these little lovelies just putting up their first flowers.

We've had two birthdays here in the last week. Alexandra turned 12 last Thursday. She had a lovely day and really enjoyed her very big girl gifts - a Pandora bracelet and a Country Road bag. Both very special things that she so wanted.

Yesterday Mitchell turned sweet 16. My beautiful boy is growing up too quickly. Here in Australia he was eligible to try for his Learners Permit. He missed out yesterday, but was successful today. I think they should provide a years worth of hair colours for the mothers of these children. I will be grey for sure with this one behind the wheel. I think he wants his first lesson this afternoon!! Now he has to complete one year with 100 hours of logged driving practice before he can go for his practical test. Good in lots of ways, an absolute pain in many others. Mitchell has also just signed a School based apprenticeship in baking. He will go to school four days each week and then to work one day to begin his trade.

Off to get my boy off the bus now - and have that first driving lesson!!!


Rebecca Simon said...

Beautiful gardening piccies! I'm inspired...bit behind on the spring planting (haven't even done bulbs yet).
Oh wow - Mitchell is growing up alright. You should be a pro at the driving teacher thing by now ;-)
Have a lovely weekend Leisa xx

Lorraine said...

you have been busy...stitching...gardening........sounds wonderful.....good luck with the driving lessons....I think it is worse when they drive out the driveway for the very first time without you in the car....I hope it all goes well for him (and you!)....hope he enjoys his apprenticeship too!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Happy Birthday to Mitchell and Alexandra! And congratulations to Mitchell for getting his learners (is he really that old?) and for signing up to do the apprentice. He'd make a wonderful baker!

Loved seeing all your garden and sewing fun Leisa. It will be great to see your goods on Etsy when you get them up.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

ooops...make that apprenticeship.