Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve.........

Christmas Eve has arrived here and I think I might finally be organised.  I have to go into work for just three hours this morning and then our office is closed until the 4th January.  I am so looking forward to the time off.  We are headed to the beach, so long walks on the beach will definately be part of my day as from Sunday.

Christmas decorating began over a month ago now. With Cameron going away, we put the tree up when we had a little family get together for him.  My beautiful boy is well and truly on my mind this morning.  He is headed to New York for Christmas.  With the horrendous weather they have been having and the normal Christmas mayhem, I hope he has arrived safely. 

Christmas decorating has been very much more simple this year.  I really couldn't bear the thought of putting it all away either on Boxing Day before we go away or having it all still waiting for me when we return from the beach.  One tree, instead of five and just some simple bits and pieces around.  I hope next year will be a little different though as we adjust to our new life.

It was still lovely though to unpack my beautiful Christmas pieces that I have made over the years.  Sometimes it feels like it was in another lifetime that I made some of these things.

I finally made some of these very yummy little treats.  A packet of Chocolate Royales with their fluffy marshmallow middles, some melted white chocolate, Red mini M & M's and Green snakes cut into little leaves. Tah Dah - little Christmas Puddings!  My work collegues and the people next door thought these were great!

A roast dinner is planned for tomorrow,  all the shopping is done (I think!), so when I get home today I will start preparing the table decorations, crockery etc.   I am doing main course and my sister-in-law is doing dessert. 

I hope everyone's preparations are coming along well without too much stress.  A very Happy Christmas Eve to everyone..... that is when my friends in the northern hemisphere catch up to us!!

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debbie said...

Hi, Love the doll is it a pattern or did you make it up yourself. I love it.