Saturday, 16 October 2010

Yonder Lane.........

Today, we visited the most delightful garden which was open as part of Australia's Open Garden Scheme.  It was beautiful. 

The front door and verandah was just beautiful, with Pierre De Ronsard roses being trained along the front.  Pierre De Ronsard is certainly blooming beautifully everywhere at the moment.  The season must have been just perfect for it.

The Potager below, was also a lovely highlight for me.  Very similar to our own Potager, but on a larger scale.  I was a little jealous!  You can see over to the left of the Potager a beautiful, Wisteria covered arbour where there were seats to enjoy all the hard work the owners must put in.  Four very large Olive trees occupied each corner and there were sixteen raised beds.  Stunning!

"Summerfield" is down a lovely little country lane at Carbalah near Toowoomba.  After all the recent rain, we had to park up the road a way and walk down the lane.

It was a lovely little walk.  The weather has turned quite cool here after the rain, even with frost predicted for the morning.  We certainly didn't get at all hot on our walk.

As we neared the end of the lane, the house came into view.  What a sight to behold.  It is just beautiful.  I so wish my home was situated in such a lovely setting. 

A red barn - be still my beating heart!!  At that moment, I wanted to sell up and start again!! I think?  I loved how they have put traditional timber barn doors on their barn, instead of the usual 'colorbond' roller door. 

The verandah wrapped around two sides of the home, with one side being quite deep and facing the north.  What a lovely spot it must be to spend some time.

Around to the south of the home, another beautiful area to spend some time.  I so wanted to take those two chairs home with me!!

One the way home we stopped off for a lovely coffee and a wander through a little nursery.  Such a lovely afternoon.  I am glad we took time away from our own pruning and weeding to enjoy this lovely garden, down Yonder Lane........


Cubby House Crafts said...

Sounds like the perfect day!!
Lovely pics
Lisa ʚϊɞ

Rebecca Simon said...

Oh so pretty! I haven't heard of this garden before. Just divine.
Glad to see you are finally getting some sunshine up north.

Ros W said...

Thanks for the great pictures and description of the gardens. I was going for a look as well but the windy weather put me off.