Wednesday, 28 December 2011


These Polk-A-Dots have been making me happy.

So happy, that I am going to keep them up until at least February. I have decided.

Put up for Christmas, I just love them.

The paper balls I have had for quite a few years now, and I just love getting them out.  I have left them up for more than Christmas before - at least until my birthday in February.  We are planning another little event in February 2012 and red polk-a-dots will fit in beautifully with that as well.

The paper chain is new this year.  I had looked longingly during Christmas shopping last year - but was a little overpriced - but come the January sales - the price was just right - so I bought several!!

Making me even happier, are some new mugs - more beautiful polk-a-dots in red.  Love, love, love......

I bought four mugs - and I smile each time I open the cupboard to make a cuppa! 

Polk-A-Dot mug on a Polk-A-Dot stool - happiness complete!

It doesn't take much!


Nell said...

I love red polkadots. There is something so happy about them!!!

Jane Bunn said...

Lovely, vibrant and happy,there is just something about red that shouldn't be just for Christmas. I don't blame you for wanting to keep them up. A little tweek here and there and you've covered Australia Day, Valentines Day and Easter.

claire said...

Love your blog! The lanterns are beautiful. I have some tissue paper pom poms that I put up for Christmas but I think I will leave them up too. Enjoy your holidays!

suzyq said...

Hello Leisa, this morning I was awarded the Liebster Award and now I award it to you for your lovely blog. There aren't many of us Aussies around so we have to support each other.

Jane Bunn said...

Hello Leisa. I've been checking your blog every day and I have been genuinely concerned about you. I look forward to catching up with you soon. Lots of Love. Jane.