Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Another New Beginning

With life being quite challenging this year, through choices of my own doing, I have made another step in my new life.

I found the most perfect cottage. Lorea House.  She is around 100 years old and inner city where I live. Beautiful high ceilings with pressed metal.  Fully renovated complete with a lovely kitchen and a claw foot bath to soak in. My furniture sits perfectly within her walls. 

I have mostly unpacked. Some cupboards still on order but when they arrive I will get more organised.  

I have made a start on the garden. I don't have a total vision yet but I've got a beautiful little yard to work with. There are also some beautiful old roses. I can't wait to discover what treasures that are still to be found. 

Complete with a mantle I am thrilled with my beautiful little cottage.

Here's to many happy days with beautiful people who fill my life with happiness and love. 


Deb said...

Leisa, your wee cottage looks absolutely devine. Its a real girly place and from the photos you are making it feel like it is filled with warmth and love. It looks like it would wrap its big walls around and embrace you the moment you walk through the door. I hope you will be really happy there and that life starts to settle for you in this new journey you are having to take. hugs and love Debx

Bobbie Lynn said...

Just beautiful. I love your new little home. Thanks for sharing. I really like the bricked patio you have. I can't wait to see what you come up with.