Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day.......

Valentines Day already. Today is another special day for us too, as it is our Wedding Anniversary. Twenty-one years today since we were married - could it really be!!

I think I wish it was the 80's again!! But then again!! Oh well, life is life and hopefully I have lived and will continue to live it according to the plan my Saviour has for me. Happy Anniversary BJ!
Probably the one thing I would do differently is not get married the same week as my birthday - selfish reasons only!! But you know, when you aren't allowed to do something until your 20th birthday then the next Saturday after such event is the only day in the whole year!!!

Today when we had finished at the shop BJ and I went to a lovely cafe and enjoyed lunch together. So nice to spend just a short time together. I really can't remember the last time.

Isn't it a nice feeling to wash some little quilts and see them flapping on the line in the breeze. The little "TV" quilts that roll around in our family room were well past needing to be washed. They smell so nice all folded up and ready to be thrown on the ground again!!! Oh well!!!

A couple of finished projects to show you today as well. The first is a sewing bag/wallet. Please don't look closely at the stitching on this one, I had awful trouble with the machine. It has plastic pockets and also the outside layer is "oilcloth" fabric and my machine just didn't cope at all.
The roll through the middle is a pin cusion. I wonder if there is a trick to sewing layers of plastic? I had to put the stitching on the longest stitch and then I still had to pull the fabric through - not a very good finish I'm afraid. I am a little disappointed as I have had this project stashed away just waiting for the time to make it.

The last little sewing project is another I have been planning for a long time. Quite awhile ago I did a little swap with Outi over at White Country This lovely fabric is actually a Greengate tea towel. It was far too beautiful to use as a tea towel. It is a sweet little bag with the base being a circle of perspex, which my brother so kindly arranged for me.

Parent information night tonight for Alexandra's class, so had better get some tea organised here before I go out.

Happy Valentines Day!!!


Leanne said...

Glad to hear you have had a nice day. You have been very busy - I have never sewn plastic but some girls from my group made bags and they used a walking foot. I love the outer oil cloth.

Outi from White Country said...

Wow, you did wonders with the Greengate tea towel. That little bag is ever so cute! And happy anniversary, what a wonderful journey you've made!

retrorose said...

I love the fabrics you use. Saw your comment on my blog re the 28 metres. I'll have to be inspired by some of your stuff to help me use it all up!Nice to meet you.

Fridhemspinglan said...

Hello there!

It's 4:30 in the morning here!
I couldn't sleep...
Noticed someone had visited my blog... must be someone who has daytime!

Nice pictures here too!


cd&m said...

Congrats on your anniversary, how very romantic to have married at Valentine's.

de vliegende koe said...

A birthday and a marriage on Valentines Day! Congratulations on your anniversary. I’m a week late, sorry!
The little heart you made is so sweet and your plants and flowers are growing so beautifully!
Nature is confused, we already have Spring temperatures, had no Winte and we did not have a Summer last year.

Sarah and Jack said...

Gorgeous bag!