Saturday, 15 March 2008

Did You See that Bunny in my Garden!!.....

Well, I keep telling my family if they keep shaking their heads it might just fall off one of these days. You would think they would be used to "our" decorating style by now!!!!

Easter is almost upon us. So early this year. Of course it is Autumn here and I guess most Easter decorating is based on the theme of Spring and of course the new life that brings with it. Of course the celebration of Easter and the new life God gave to us never changes, so Easter in Autumn is of course different for us here is Australia. But, of course some of us may like to pretend that it is spring and do some decorating in pastel colours!! Much to the dismay of the family!!

So, here is my "Easter Tree"!! Now, I know there are some lurkers out there who know me and don't comment - so now you too can join my family and shake your head and agree with them. You can get the little decorations here, so we must be meant to have Easter trees. It does have an Australian theme too - I went onto the block next door where some gum trees have just be knocked down and got my branch from there.

My two cute little bunny ornaments came from a trip to the "thrift" shop this week - they were even having a half price sale. Bargain!!

What a roller coaster of a week I've had this week, hence only posting once again this week. My Mitchell has been sick for almost 8 weeks and has had four courses of antibiotics and still is so unwell. So, back to the doctor again and asked for blood tests - the results being he has Ross River virus. My poor boy. I feel so terrible as I have made him soldier on with only a few days off school. So home he is to rest completely at least until after Easter weekend and then I will have to see how he goes. I know he will recover and thankfully it is viral and not something worse but it did make me feel like a very bad Mummy!!

Did you see the Easter Bunny in my garden?

I am so pleased with how she turned out. I think I will call her Gracie. The pattern came from Australian Homespun No. 46 Vol.8 No.3. Too cute!!
The back is made from an old beadspread that I rescued from Nana's house, so I was very pleased to put it to good use.

Well I had better hippity hop out of here now, have a cuppa and off into the garden to finish the day off.


de vliegende koe said...

You Easter decorations look great!
I had never heard of the Ross River virus, so I googled and I understood it’s a virus we don’t have. It’s an Australian Virus. Of course it is. We don’t have a Ross River! I hope Mitchell will feel better soon! Poor guy!
The garden-bunny is so funny!
Happy weekend!

quilterjo learns new things said...

Hey there, I can't believe Mitchell has Ross River fever. Here's hoping and praying that the time off will help.

PS I love the bunny!

Leanne said...

Your house looks absolutely gorgeous so neat and bright. Poor Mitchell I hope the rest helps him recover quickly you sound like me I would have been sending mine off to school. My kids always say I would have been a really mean nurse.LOL

Moderncountry said...

I found your blog at Angela`s place. I think your blog is wonderful too. All your Easter decorations are so pretty and fun. And specially the garden bunny.

Have a wonderful Easter!

(A norwegian girl who lives in The Netherlands)

Regina said...

Your Easter decorationen looks fantastic.I love the Easter bunny in
your garden.
I wish you a Happy Easter!

Maryjane said...

I LOVE your beautiful blog and enjoyed going through ALL your pages! I will be back & adding you to my favorites! Thanks for sharing! Maryjane

retrorose said...

Aw what a lovely idea with the old bedspread. They always felt so lovely but i'm not dedicated enough to the cause to put one on my bed anymore. However a cuddly bunny would be fantastic. Very clever. I was scrolling down and saw your raised beds. A bit like the ones we are doing here too except it is really too cold to plant anything here in NI at the mo. I will chance a few things this weekend though.