Monday, 31 March 2008

Sunday Picnic.......

With the turf laying out of the way on Friday afternoon we only had work to contend with. With our youngest away on music camp we only had the boys at home, so just a little quieter than usual.

BJ had to work on Sunday as our relief baker was away, so after he had a little nap we set out with Mum and Dad for a picnic and a look at a lovely Open Garden in Warwick.
Our first stop on the way was a picnic lunch at Allora. It is a lovely little town where my Dad grew up. The park we stopped at was just outside the Anglican Church there. I was so pleased that the front door was open as this is the church where my dear Nana and Pop were married in 1940. I have been to that area many times in my lifetime but have never seen the beautiful little church.

The timber inside and the stain glass windows are just beautiful.

Warwick is a lovely city about an hours drive south of where we live. A little while ago I had been over that way and by chance discovered a beautiful quilt shop and B & B. I found out too that they were to be having an open garden weekend.

Glenrose is set on four acres of beautiful gardens. The house is a big old Queenslander that was shifted to the site. The front part of the house contains the quilt shop Glenrose Patchwork. It is just beautiful. The front verandah has tables and chairs and would be an absolutely delightful place to spend the day quilting.
In the grounds there are four beautiful cottages that are run as a B & B. Just beautiful. I hope BJ and I can escape one weekend in the winter and enjoy the little wood burners each cottage has. As much as I love my air con and don't miss the mess of a wood stove, I really do miss a lovely fireplace in winter. Glenrose Cottages are certainly very lovely. This whole garden and associated businesses are certainly a credit to the owners.

My Dad took us on some back roads on the way home, past where my Mum had attended a little school as a child. I enjoyed hearing and seeing where Mum had ridden her pushbike as a child and where the magpies used to swoop her and her brother and sister in the springtime. She pointed out the homes and who had lived in them and where she her sister had been invited to little birthday parties. It also made me feel a little sad when Mitchell's comment was he doesn't know where any of his friends live. What a different world we live in when attending school in the city. I am grateful that I also have had a country childhood and can drive around my district where I grew up and remember where everyone lived!!
With the beautiful rain we have had the Darling Downs is just beautiful. The eastern Downs is mostly rolling hills and at the moment it is looking just picture perfect. What a lovely day we had. I am just so thankful for that one little outing and for the change of scenery and different things to enjoy, even if just for an afternoon.


Maryjane said...

CONGRATULATIONS Leisa! You are my of my two Give-A-Way Winners from my blog! When I found out where you lived I was so excited!!! Could you please send me your address! Oh, go see my blog to look at the pictures!

After you have contacted me, could you please erase this post for I am giving you my email address.

Thanks Bunches!!!!

Maryjane xo

Leanne said...

Hi Leisa,
What a lovely Sunday Glenrose Cottages look perfect for a relaxing weekend away I can truly recommend a relaxing weekend away. What a cute little school I remember the terror of those flapping magpie wings as I rode my bike to school. Lucas always says he wishes he had grown up in the country.